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[Helix Syn V] and [Vice 2] K-Tab Removal

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The models mentioned in the title arrived recently. My preferred position is lying down flat on my back, so naturally the K-Tab becomes an issue because it presses against the mattress. I removed it from my Maximus and Eupho (hard plastic) a year ago, and I've had no regrets. I'm quite thin, and the K-Tab overshoots my body by a mile, so it does nothing but hang in the air like an annoying hook anyway. I feel the same is necessary for the Helix and Vice2 to make them usable, but I have concerns about cutting through this new material combo. I'm planning on making a cut as clean as possible, then make a glue plug in the gap between the plastic core and silicone to make it waterproof again. Does this seem like a bad idea? And I'm concerned about the electronics inside the Vice2, since the charging point is very near the base of its K-Tab, so I might just leave that one alone and use it as a side-position toy :/

Any thoughts, advice, experiences? Thanks.

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Posted by: @quench

Does this seem like a bad idea?

Hmm... Yes. As an experienced K-tab remover, I would not touch the silicon models. (Not that I ever did it, my Vice is still intact.) It would be better to put a foam wedge or pillow under your butt to lift yourself up so the tab clears the bed when you are using those models. I find that some lift and back arching really improve things anyway, so that's pretty much a win-win. 

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Totally agree! I usually put a pillow under my back which elevates my hips and definitely enhances the contact of both tabs as the Aneros rocks back and forth! Do not remove either tab!

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Maybe someday Aneros can make a line of models with attachable/detachable tabs?  Maybe include buyable sets of tabs for different feeling and comfort fits?

I had an old Progasm where the K-Tab broke off.  I completely shaved it down, and now use it all the time.  It is really nice....  It allows for more movement options.  I'd love to try the Vice, but I think going back to the original Progasm type design wouldn't be worth it.

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