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Aneros sessions milestone question

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Hi all - apologies in the past. I tend to write long rambling posts, today I want to make a specific request. In the Wiki I found an amazing list of the milestones.

My question:
When you are in a session, and you start to get fluid coming out of your penis, getting some P-waves that seem to come and go (on for 1 minute, off for 1-2 minutes), what do you start to focus on next to increase the rising tide of pleasure you feel? 

I know this is personal but i'm just interested in what others do. Do you continue with contracting muscles, do you fully relax, etc.. 🙂

I'm sure this isn't 100% fact for everyone, but it is really helpful to me (someone who has about 8 or so session under his belt).

Currently I am at a mixture of phases of the Milestones. My best concise summary (cherry picking from the milestones) is (bold are my own personal notes):

    • Successive P-waves With and without Aneros in
    • Rock hard erection Only with Aneros in, not without.
    • Ability to grow pleasure outside of sessions With and without Aneros in
    • Ability to leak outside of sessions With and without Aneros in

I wasn't sure if "outside of sessions" just mean without the Aneros in or not. I do sessions now (short ones) without the Aneros, and generate arousal and pleasure (with some leakage) in the short session. In these sessions I am focusing mostly on the pelvic floor muscles and generate P-waves probably in 5 waves with this, but then it doesn't go much further. Is this the same thing?

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Good questions. When the wiki says "outside of sessions", my take is that you get these feelings at random during your day while not actively having a session. Or they could happen during sex.

For sessions without the Aneros (or A-less), you're basically actively trying to get Aneros-like effects without the device, so for me that's still "inside a session". Not that it changes anything, results are results, if your Aless sessions are similar to your Assisted sessions, you're doing something right.

As for what to focus on "next", try focusing on the same thing as long as you get pleasure and let that grow and show you subtle variations. Don't worry yo much about what comes "next".

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The toys didn’t do much for me,p waves and a small o. Things really got moving when I got a Kegel app and started an actual set regime. I moved to a-less and made lots of progress. In a session, i either focus on syncing the pc and anal contractions with the buzz and beat if I’m listening to binaurals. Or I’ll indulge in a little erotic fantasy. I myself don’t have spontaneous p waves and orgasms. I do find it a little far fetched that people just break out into uncontrollable spontaneous orgasms,when I read this I imagine being in the beginnings of a bar fight ,then asking the other guy to wait until I’ve finished cumming lol. I’m not saying it’s impossible,just that I’m somewhat cynical about it. I’ve also read about this kudalini syndrome thing. I cannot lie,I’m not sure i believe it. That’s not to say it flat out isn’t true. To me it sounds like an anxiety disorder. As the symptoms and cures are much alike. 

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