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A year later and not sure of my progress

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I made a huge leap forward this week, and very much not in the way I expected. I had been reading everywhere here about how the key is to relax and just let things take over, but I made incredible progress doing just the opposite. Nipple stimulation is also critical for me, but against all the reading I had done, I found that constant pressure on my prostate with my mgx got me tantalizingly close to… something wild, but I was absolutely exhausted and my muscles gave out. I don’t know what it was, but learning to isolate my sphincter from the other pelvic floor muscles was the key for me, as those muscles pulled the toy in on their own just right. Also, it took a solid minute plus of continuous pressure to start feeling things change. The heartbeat increase, the warm sensations, the feeling flushed, etc., and then with some sphincter pulses that helped things keep building up in addition to the continuous pressure.

It seems like I’m able to relax my pelvic area to a fault, to the point where the device is no longer even near the prostate and the occasional involuntary isn’t enough to get things going for more than a couple seconds. I also don’t think I could quite do this at *any* time I wanted if I wasn’t feeling it, but i would bet money that this gets me closer and closer the next time after I’ve taken a couple days of rest. I can 100% see how people describe being exhausted, and I could also see part of the reason it taking a long time just being that they’re building up their pelvic floor muscles, because my god it’s a workout to keep that piece of plastic pulled in. 

just my 2 cents, but if you’re not having luck, don’t get frustrated, but stay patient and just play around with the device and manipulating it with those downstairs muscles and see what kind of feedback you get, it wasn’t until I ignored everything I read here that I saw real progress, but I don’t regret reading any of it either, it just goes to show how different everyone is. 

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