• Early Saturday evening session with Tempo and other Aneros buds, January 20

    Hi guys,
    This week I had three Aneros sessions Monday and Wednesday, the first one in the early morning and the second in the early evening. I had these two sessions at times of peace and quiet with no staff or workmen around.
    Tempo now starts most of my sessions. I use gentle, rhythmic Kegels with Tempo. My prostate and anal musculature love this attention even though at those times there are not fireworks. But wow, when I use other Aneros models afterwards in succession in a session! Not only is Tempo a spark plug to great sessions, but Tempo accentuates many fold how successive Aneros models massage my anal musculature and prostate! That in itself has enabled me to appreciate and even love my other Aneros tools in a new exciting light.
    Tonight I used in succession Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm Black ICE. Each worked itself over me without my asking. I could have danced all night tonight with Tempo, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm Black ICE. That in itself would have dissipation because soon I have to get to bed and get a good night’s sleep to rise early for church in the morning.
    However, I have the consolation of powerful and sweet Aless to entertain me in bed tonight. At this writing, I am wearing sweats. I am stimulatng my Glans through my sweatpants. My Glans is radiating luminous sexual pleasure which travels down my cock shaft and ends up at my cock root, my testicles, excited anal musculature, alive prostate, and perineum! Wow, but wow! Take care.
    P.S. This buzz in my excited genitalia, particularly in my caressing my Glans and diddling my nipples as I get ready for bed has me hankering to wear my Nutty Buddy cup in bed tonight!
    P.S. no. 2 nearly 2.5 hours before sunrise, up early lightly caressing my nipples through my Under Armour Cold Gear mock T-shirt and likewise caressing the circumcised frenular delta (my “sweet spot”) just underneath my Glans covered by my sweatpants! My Glans loves and craves this attention as I Kegel away slowly and interact with my Aless. BTW, I didn’t wear my Nutty Buddy cup to bed last night. I was too tired. But I did enjoy diddling my nipples! Also in a way, I am reveling in some masturbatory edging, but won’t cum. I have to get ready for church now! Maybe later in the afternoon. We have delightful weather with balmy temperatures after a month of super cold wintry weather! As I close this update, my Glans wants more, much more! 🙂
    Update at 8 a.m. Monday morning, January: Yesterday morning, I dutifully arrived at church early at 7:30 a.m. My largest role as a parishioner there is being a library volunteer. We have two libraries. The main church library is in the administrative offices. The second library is a fairly small library in the church undercroft near the fellowhip hall. The small library has an intimate feel and a quiet ambiance. The director of church libraries and archives was in the small library. He assigned me a task of reshelving nearly sixty books. So I set myself to work and got the task done about an hour. Those of you who follow my posts and blogs here are aware that I suffered a freak broken hip early last year that ended me getting hip replacement surgery and nine weeks of rehab and recovery at a facility. I returned back to my apartment on March 17 last year and resumed my Aneros sessions six weeks later. The exertion of reshelving books left me in pain. Fortunately the pain subsided by early afternoon yesterday. I credit my Aneros and Aless in pain abatement yesterday. I took the whole afternoon off at home to relax and went to bed early wearing my Nutty Buddy cup/jock/boxer briefs combo which enabled me to sleep like a baby! 🙂

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