• third session, beginnings of real feelings and excitement

    So my wife so nicely edged me last night for about an hour, first with conscious stimulation for 10 minutes, letting me show her how to do it with my penis, testicles, nipples and all of that good stuff. Then she edged me for another…

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  • First real session and trying to get arousal without expectations

    Last time, my first session, I inserted the toy wrong. This time I oriented it correctly and everything went much easier. I think my rectum is getting benefit from this practice, actually, rather than hurting in any way. I had been edged by my wife,…

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  • first session and agreement with my wife

    In my teen years I masturbated to porn so often, 16 being my record as far as I remember. Sometimes I’d get into the shower and stick a finger up my butt and massage my prostate while I masturbated my penis. That’s the extent of…

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