• first session and agreement with my wife

    In my teen years I masturbated to porn so often, 16 being my record as far as I remember. Sometimes I’d get into the shower and stick a finger up my butt and massage my prostate while I masturbated my penis. That’s the extent of my butt play.

    Today, I’m in my early 60s and I had continued to masturbate every day, sometimes twice a day, and I was a compulsive porn user.

    But I stopped both masturbation and porn about 8 years ago as I adopted “Tantric” sex with my wife and we were having sex 4 times a week, and I’d cum maybe once in 10 days, inside her mostly.

    The tantric sex was good because unlike my best friend and many others my age, we had a lot of sex and I could focus on my perineum relaxation and bring sexual energy into my whole body and have basically half hour whole body Os of a type.

    And I see my wife as mega attractive and the greatest woman in the world, which she is, but I really see her that way.

    Except after I have ejaculated and then it’s usually depression, loss of feeling in my penis, and loss of interest in my wife.

    I have recently realized that “edging” during sex results in fallout that makes an ejaculation necessary, and creates ED if I don’t have an ejaculation.

    So it’s Tantric sex —> great time and great erections —> no erections —> must cum to “reset” things.

    So that was kind of flawed. Also my wife was fine with it, but not really into it, which continually bothered me over the last 8 years.

    So with those issues, somehow, in researching things this prostate massage thing started to feel interesting, and I have been reading a lot here.

    I bought the two toys and was very nervous to try them. I use refined fully saturated coconut oil which is awesome as it is solid and you can put it up your butthole and lube a toy with it, and when the toy starts to go in the coconut melts and is a very good lubricant in my very inexperienced opinion.

    I had difficulty at first inserting the Eupho Trident, and it didn’t feel that good. So I took it out. The Helix Syn Trident was much better, and I spent a pleasant hour. But something wasn’t right. I had the nagging feeling that I had put it in wrong, so it was facing away from my prostate.

    And in fact that was my mistake. These two toys have on both ends of their tail similar or even identical dealios and in my haze and nervousness I just didn’t figure out which direction the toy was supposed to be in.

    The part that curves towards something is supposed to curve anterior, duh, but my first session was not great because I didn’t get that right.

    Anyway I’m so excited about my next session maybe tomorrow.

    And I asked my wife to please call the shots in the bedroom. I slay the dragons outside, and she is the one and only in the bedroom, and she just lit up when I said that. Today we had a most awesome sexual experience.

    I couldn’t get an erection (which doesn’t stop me) because I think I’ve simply felt too stimulated recently and that tends to kill it until I have an ejaculation. i may try an ejaculation with her if she’ll go along, and try to get a ruined orgasm going. I think that’s been one of the missing pieces to my sexuality.

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