• Pete's progress continues

    Another session yesterday evening. Although I should really not have had one only a day after the previous one. The trouble is I am greedy for more! It seems to be a journey where you keep taking one new step at a time for me….

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  • A session this evening!!

    I have just heard that my wife is going out this evening for at least 3 hours. It seems a shame to waste that time of peace and quiet. Perhaps I had better line up a session!!

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  • First Helix session

    The postman was later than normal today, but he came with my Helix. It did not take long for me to unwrap the package and get my new toy out! At first the only difference between the Helix and my MGX seemed to be the…

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  • Helix ordered

    Having been away last week, I had a session on Sunday that turned out to be a dud. This morning I had a very pleasant time while my wife went out shopping. (I must add that it was not her being out that was pleasant!!)…

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  • What a lovely Saturday afternoon!

    As Saturday and Sunday my wife is working from 11:00 to 20:00 I have quite a bit of time to myself. 🙂 I tried adding a shower before the session and some erotic videos to watch to help with my arousal. The trouble is I…

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  • Don't rush

    After a good day sailing, I thought it would be nice to finish the day off with a session. Although I was starting to get the pulsing feeling against my prostate. I did not get very good contractions. It could be my nerve damage causing…

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  • Weather too hot

    Decided to have a session this evening even though the temperature is quite hot and it is very humid. Did not make any progress as I was to hot and uncomfortable. So I learnt again that relaxation is the key. Made progress in another way…

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  • Progress!

    After my Sunday morning session I spent some more time reading the wiki and postings on the forum. I had 3 things I wanted to try differently. Firstly my position. Lying on my back I did not have any support to lift me off the…

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  • Sessions 2 and 3

    Saturday and Sunday morning I had sessions lasting about an hour, but I did not experience anything different from my first session. I was not disappointed by this as I knew from everybody's comments on the forum and in blogs that this is a journey…

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  • In the beginning ……

    My MGX arrived last Thursday and as my wife was working for the afternoon and evening I thought I should make use of the quiet time and have my first session. I should point out that I have a spinal condition called Cauda Equina that…

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