• In the beginning ……

    My MGX arrived last Thursday and as my wife was working for the afternoon and evening I thought I should make use of the quiet time and have my first session. I should point out that I have a spinal condition called Cauda Equina that causes some ED and over the last few months I have hardly been able to ejaculate, either masturbating or during intercourse with my wife. My sex life has been very traditional with the only experimenting being with a vibrator (that only I used). The vibrator was the one exploration of anal play I tried many years ago. Since then nothing.
    Having read most of the wiki I had the lube ready, Aneros within reach, and gave myself a douche. With quite a state of excitement I lubed the Aneros, laid on my left side and started to slide the Aneros in. With my hospital visits I am not uncomfortable with anything going into my anus and the MGX slide in quite easily. I tried to spend the first 10 minutes lying there just relaxing and ignoring any feeling of the MGX.
    I then started to try contracting muscles. Were they sphincter or PC – I am not sure. Anyway, it seemed to move the Aneros but in all honesty I couldn't really feel any sensation inside of me. As for any feeling on my prostate – nothing. After a while I turned onto my right side to see if that made any difference. (I am quite susceptible to different positions causing my discomfort or pain) The really made no difference. I then tried laying on my back with knees bent and feet apart, flat on the bed. Again nothing.
    Although this session produced no pleasing sensations, it was not uncomfortable. For some reason I can't explain I did seem to enjoy doing it.

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