• What a lovely Saturday afternoon!

    As Saturday and Sunday my wife is working from 11:00 to 20:00 I have quite a bit of time to myself. 🙂
    I tried adding a shower before the session and some erotic videos to watch to help with my arousal. The trouble is I find if I have an erection my thoughts keep going towards a penile orgasm. Old habits die hard! (sorry for the pun) I found it very difficult to sense the delicate feelings I am learning to like very much from my Aneros. So after a while I turned the video off and just tried to relax and go with any sensations that came.
    I do admire everyone who can keep track of what happens in their session. Sadly I'm not able to multi-task – a typical male! In the same way the video distracted me, trying to keep track with the sensations and sequence of events kept me away from the main task, [I]enjoyment![/I] All I can remember is (in no particular order) I had lovely waves flowing through my scrotum, times when my breathing became quivering, and last and best of all, when my prostate kept being tapped in time with my heartbeat. As that happens the Aneros keeps being drawn deeper and I keep wanting to draw the MGX further and further inside me.
    I did not get an O of any sort, but P-waves were definitely there today. A gorgeous way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I was eventually able to finish off with a handjob. As anyone who knows my story, that was a [B]good[/B] result.

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      08/07/2011at11:13 pm

      Hi Peter!
      My last blog entry resonates with what you share about thoughts going towards the penile region. I understand that this is the crucial part of "rewiring" as it's been dubbed on this site.
      Nice progress!

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