• Week 4 part 2

    What a great day! I have the house to myself, TIME TO GO CRAZY!!! It's rare for me to have the house to myself, but since I do its time for another session. I realized today that the nozzle to the fleet enema can fit…

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  • It's a different experience every time

    I'm relatively new at using a prostate massager. Ever since I received my aneros helix )12/17/2012( I've been using it regularly )about three times a week( and every time is different. Because of these mixed results I thought I might put them here, to kind…

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  • Week 4

    Time to try again! I had been using Wet Platinum )silicon based( for my sessions, but I decided to use Wet Original (water Based) this time. I do my best to really lube up, but it seemed in the past that it wasn't enough. After…

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