• Week 4

    Time to try again! I had been using Wet Platinum )silicon based( for my sessions, but I decided to use Wet Original (water Based) this time. I do my best to really lube up, but it seemed in the past that it wasn't enough. After an hour or two thing got dry and I got sore. Sometime I'll sleep with my helix in me and wake up sore and with the helix dried. It has to be from the silicon lube, so that's why I went with the wet original this time. I wish I had a lube shooter, but I do my best and things turned out ok. This was the first time I had some crazy involuntary contraction and they started within minutes of insertion. I never went over the edge, but I'm fine with that. I was surprised at how long the involuntary contractions lasted. Other than that nothing special happened

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