• It's a different experience every time

    I'm relatively new at using a prostate massager. Ever since I received my aneros helix )12/17/2012( I've been using it regularly )about three times a week( and every time is different. Because of these mixed results I thought I might put them here, to kind of document the journey.
    The First Week,
    Its was probably a typical first week like many others had gone through. It seemed very odd to me. what should I be focused on? what should I be feeling?how do I prevent myself from jerking off? I didn't receive any involuntary contraction that first week, but I did feel some sensation growing every now and again that would swell up to something that felt like a potential orgasm, but would dissipate. This little device showed me it had potential, I just need to give it time and try different things.
    The Second Week,
    This week continued on like the first. I kept feeling the occasional onset of an orgasm which faded away. This always frustrates me. How do you push yourself over the edge? Why all this build up with no reward? I shouldn't complain, I'm new at this and there are others who have been at it longer then I. Still I continued and later in that week a, few days before new years, It happened. How it happened I don't know, but it was amazing. Nothing comes close to it. It all happened fast though and it was over. I already made a post about it here)https://community.aneros.com/forum/discussion/14527/taken-by-surprise#Item_3(, but I didn't want it to end. If it was a super O than people say that you can have one after another. I experienced something great for a moment and now I know what this thing is capable of.
    The Third Week,
    I didn't get a repeat super O like the previous week, but I found a new technique that felt really good. I notice that if I lay on my belly and I guess basically hump my bed that this could generate some of the same feeling I had from my super O. Its not as crazy intense, but it does feel really good. I discovered it while on the edge of an orgasm and just started bucking the bed. I notice that I could control this and could keep it going. I did this for about an hour. Now the problem with this it that I was grinding my penis into the bed which felt good, and it was as though the helix and my penis worked together to cause this sensation. I feel like although this felt really good was counterproductive to causing a super O. It goes against everything I read about not stimulating the penis. It's nice to know that I can do that and I have control over it but I want something more intense so I won't be doing it that often.

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