• Starting Over – New Lessons

    For a long time, I had been wanting to go back to using the Peridise, and Helix Trident to try and achieve anal, prostate, and other pleasurable sensations. Unfortunately, an anal injury had been making this impossible. Over the span of a years, I consciously…

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  • Orgasm after radical prostatectomy

    This is my first blog ever. I had nerve sparing radical prostatectomy about 2.5 years ago. A great deal of time is spent talking about erections, but I was at a loss when it came to information on pleasure and orgasm. The only results I…

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  • Mind Blowing

    I have found the trick to a Super O almost every time. Go out and get the small leg pillow shaped like a triangle. Insert the aeros and then put the small leg pillow between your legs tight up on the Aneros This will allow…

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