• Starting Over – New Lessons

    For a long time, I had been wanting to go back to using the Peridise, and Helix Trident to try and achieve anal, prostate, and other pleasurable sensations. Unfortunately, an anal injury had been making this impossible. Over the span of a years, I consciously took steps to heal my injuries, improve my anal health, and gradually re-train my body to accept things into my anus. This was a long process, with many setbacks, pitfalls, struggles, and eventually small successes. It is so rewarding to finally be able to use my anus again for both pleasure, and function.

    As a refresher, I read through a lot of the forum posts. The knowledge with the stickied posts, as well as other more recent users’ comments were really vital in starting up my training again. Folks in the chatroom were extremely kind, and helpful with their posts. Armed with new information, and classic knowledge, I felt ready to try out my Aneros again.

    For the first few sessions, I limited the time to 60 to 90 minutes. My body was still getting reacquainted with having objects inside my anus, and flexing all of the various muscles around there. In the past, lying on my left side was successful with the Peridise, so that is the position in which I started. With plenty of lubrication, I would relax with deep breathing, and slowly slide the Aneros bit by bit into my anus. My past practice with much smaller objects helped tremendously, and helped me succeed in getting the Aneros inside. With a few gentle contractions, it would slide into place. While my body adjusted to having a guest inside it, I would very gently practice contractions, or adjust soft, steady pressure. Usually after 20 minutes, I could feel the device moving into where it needed to be, and the pressure on my prostate, bladder, and perineum felt good.

    In these first few sessions, I was going with the “do nothing” approach. With the Peridise, this had led to a few pleasant sessions, so I had been hoping that it would kind of carry over to Aneros use. However, in most instances here, doing nothing … did nothing. Involuntary contractions almost never happen in my sessions, except when first inserting the device. In lying there with the device in my body, it was the same. Very little going on. In a few instances, I fell asleep, and woke up later with no change. It felt good to have it inside me, and it felt a little pleasurable at times, but it felt like I was missing something.

    More research. More reading of stickied posts, links, and forum folks. Although a lot of people really rallied for the “do nothing” approach, there are others who subscribe to the “do something” approach. Taking plenty of notes, I gathered up the data, and got ready to try out some new things for next time(s).

    While yes, these sessions starting out were pleasurable, and encouraging, I am glad to be learning new techniques, and trying new things. The key is to keep experimenting, and most importantly – keep going. Learning is how we grow. Never stop growing.

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