• Yowsa!

    I had two sessions this morning. Prior to the first session, I took some Avena Sativa, L-Theanine, and ate a small piece of dark chocolate, which one of the forum members recommended to increase the intensity of the experience. The first, shorter session, was so-so….

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  • Morning Session

    Spent a lovely hour and a half with mistress Aneros. I started out with the Progasm. It was easier to insert today and less painful. I started out with it to try to avoid any more tenderness the MGX might contribute. Again, my impression of…

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  • Reports from an Asstronaut

    A cautionary entry: don’t push it too hard. This entry is for yesterday as I had not had an opportunity to update the blog before now. As I recounted in my last post, I had received the Progasm that day. As they say, “boys with…

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