• Morning Session

    Spent a lovely hour and a half with mistress Aneros. I started out with the Progasm. It was easier to insert today and less painful. I started out with it to try to avoid any more tenderness the MGX might contribute. Again, my impression of the Progasm is that it really fills you up. It doesn’t move much, but seems to work on the prostate more. I suspect that if it moved more (and perhaps it will as as I work with it more) it would really be a wild ride.

    Switched over to old faithful MGX. I think I’m getting the hang of it’s idiosyncrasies because each session is a bit more lively and lovely than the last. It’s like a roller coaster, building up to a peak and sliding down before heading up another peak. If precum is any indication of good sessions, I am having them, because there is a lot with my sessions.

    Ended up standing with the MGX. You seem to get a more solid contact on the prostate and can bear down a little to increase the sensations. Grinding your hips helps also and I’ve found that if I lean against a counter, I seem to have a little more control.

    I find myself really getting into the sensation of penetration. This must be as close as a man can get to experiencing what a woman feels during vaginal intercourse. As the anus clenches, I move my body to meet the thrust of the Aneros, striving to pull it deeper into me. This creates a really interesting space in my head, a desire to be overwhelmed by the sensations, to invite the Aneros inside me, to open up more and more to it’s probing. Realizing all the while that I have to submit to the process, that there is no forcing it, that I am along for the ride.

    I have such a sense of gratitude for being able to have all of this. The sessions leave me feeling warm and tingly in my groin and walking around evokes a whisper of what I experienced during the session. Thoughts come to me that I never thought before and I am looking at some things differently than I did before. I think this really puts you in touch with your feminine side and it adds another dimension to your life.

    And all this from a piece of molded plastic!

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