• the Hell?

    Well, I have no idea what just happened, but I know one thing, it was amazing. I ended up just rolling around for a while, moaning, groaning, groping, and cumming. I didn't get a single p-wave the entire time I was at it, but I…

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  • Let down? I think not!

    Today I returned from my first day of work after using my progasm. I work challenging midnight shifts in a very difficult, and very mentally demanding and spiritually draining career field. I found that today, a twelve hour shift passed in what felt like four…

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  • The first hour

    [B]Introduction[/B] Two days ago, I thought I had experienced everything. I found in the last hour that I still have much to learn. At a very young age, I discovered masturbation. I lay in bed one night at the age of eleven, and began itching…

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