• Let down? I think not!

    Today I returned from my first day of work after using my progasm. I work challenging midnight shifts in a very difficult, and very mentally demanding and spiritually draining career field. I found that today, a twelve hour shift passed in what felt like four hours. While I don't get paid for the hours, the boost from my first aneros experience yesterday more than made up for the lack of overtime pay.
    I got home and began reading some blogs and posting what I hope will be helpful advice for others, and immediately felt the urge kick in. I was going to wait for a good while to recharge my seminal fluids, but I know this is an unnecessary exorcise in superficiality that does not enhance the feeling of orgasm, only the mind's apparent judgment of enjoyment by volume rather than depth of feeling.
    So I dove right in. I inserted the progasm, and though I took some time to ensure my ass was throbbing before insertion, I felt an unusual tightness on insertion. It hurt. I stopped myself from redirecting my pain into pleasure, and instead focused on the pain, taking in the rarely enjoyed sensations the human body can offer.
    I lay still, relaxing to some lighter era Beatles, and found my pulse beginning to race for no obvious reason. Soon the throb in my anus was back, and I began to breathe deeply into my diaphragm, and discovered the wonderful sensation of my heartbeat throbbing against the contractions and expansion of my abdomen. I followed a bit of my own advice on a newer member's blog, and focused on the rhythm of the song, imagining the heartbeat was from the aneros itself, and not my own blood rushing to engorge my stimulated rectum.
    I sped and slowed my heartbeat, letting the growing tingling feeling radiate outward, it felt as though it was passing from my lower back into my head, and feet at opposite intervals, then rebounding back to crash in on itself just as another pulse would ignite, intensifying the wave. Slowly my feeling of contentment grew, and I began to get an erection, something of a first for me, as I have never been able to establish an erection hands-free while toying my ass.
    The erection eventually faded as I lost rhythm, but moments later my hips began yesterday's gyration and the toy bounced off my prostate again and again, passing through me and transforming from a simple tap to a moan of pleasure escaping my throat. I hit a near-O twice before the sensation ended completely, inexplicably. After a few moments I decided that going about daily tasks while wearing my aneros might be quite enjoyable. Soon I found the idea of being in public with it in to be irresistable. I vacuumed, and then began to work out, running on the treadmill first, then doing leglifts and crunches then moving to pushups. The progasm stayed snug, occasionally causing a wave of pleasure to wash over me while I felt the workout quickening my pulse.
    Soon I was back on the bed moaning, tearing my clothes off and holding my buttocks wide, humping the mattress for the pleasure in my ass instead of on my penis. After a few moments I was in another moaning fit, which ended after a quick eyeroll and a lurch of dizziness and euphoria. I needed a cigarette!
    I put my clothes back on sensually, dragging my hands over my arms and legs and abdomen in the process, and then walked outside of my apartment. The neighbor (a fairly cute little lipstick lesbian) was out and about looking for her cat, so I helped her out, walking around the building, taking in the day, and occasionally clenching my sphincter, first left then right, then closing, then opening, then letting it quiver. I was amazed with my ability to roll this huge aneros through my ass with such accuracy.
    Soon the cat found me, and we parted ways after a short walk back, and I went back inside to write this blog. I'm still using the aneros, jiggling my ass in my seat, it feels amazing, and I'm considering wearing it to sleep while I rest up for my next shift tonight.
    I didn't experience the orgasms that I did yesterday, but overall, I found today's session longer, more satisfying, and just more comfortable. I feel confident that today's comfort will become tomorrow's big-O. The size of the toy wasn't the discomfort, it was just being new at this. While I'm hardly more experienced in this than I was yesterday, and I obviously haven't touched that next level, I feel accomplished. I've explored deeper into the aneros experience, and found it quite pleasurable to wear for more than just a sexual session. I find it's comfortable enough to wear for several hours at a time, with lube left over to keep you going.
    I'm not feeling any cramping at all, and the sensations just keep on building whether or not I'm trying to build them. I also my my days more fulfilling while wearing, and after wearing the aneros, and not just from the sexual pleasure. The simple freedom of how discretely and comfortably one can wear the aneros in any position, sitting, standing, laying back, front, side, I feel like I could run a mile or more with this thing in, and not feel the slightest discomfort. Indeed, I believe I'd feel the opposite of discomfort as it slides back and forth across my prostate. =P
    Happy sessions. And yes Artform, you can stop pimping the eupho here, I am sold. I think I'll be giving it a shot once my progasm turns from a fiery redhead to a mousy brunette.
    (No offense to any brunettes out there.)

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      05/05/2010at2:02 pm

      Ended at about six hours. I went to bed, woke up to several very good p-waves rebounding from head to feet, then fell back asleep, rinse repeat… Eventually some mild discomfort from bloating set in, but with all anal play, it was easily resolved with a pop out and get some sleep solution.
      I'm still throbbing!

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