• the Hell?

    Well, I have no idea what just happened, but I know one thing, it was amazing. I ended up just rolling around for a while, moaning, groaning, groping, and cumming. I didn't get a single p-wave the entire time I was at it, but I definitely had about three distinctly different sensations I am reluctant to call orgasms.
    The first was a feeling deep inside, creating a serious sensation to urinate, but eventually the sensation turned into a fullness and constant pressure near the base of my penis. I became fully erect, and shot about three small spurts of pre-cum, then my abs tightened, my eyes rolled, and for about two minutes, I just felt… happy. I soon realized I wasn't breathing, and began panting hard. The panting brought on sensation #2.
    The second began with a sudden vibration on my feet, my toes straightened, my feet extended, my knees locked, and my legs lifted backwards as my sphincter sucked the progasm in slamming it over and over into my prostate against my will. I tried to stop it, it was too intense. I felt that urge to urinate again (I know the difference between a p-milking and urination), and I just started writhing away from the device to no avail. I curled into a ball and just whimpered, eyes circling in their sockets, breath short, unbearable pleasure, but no "sparks flying". I spasmed like this for about five minutes until my hips just started to vibrate with my legs, first together, then in opposite rhythm. I couldn't stop it. I lost control, and soon I was pooling cum into the sheets again. The feeling just didn't stop. It kept smashing into me, taking my breath away. It must have been fifteen minutes later when all of the sudden my ears started ringing, my eyes rolled straight back, my mouth opened, my throat clenched, and…
    The third sensation came on. I was thrown onto my back, my lower back arched into the air, I was on my head and feet alone, then I flipped without knowing it, and was pulling my mattress up from both sides, legs buckling underneath me, biting the pillow, drooling like mad, then my stomach crunched together and my eyes shot open, lost focus and I just lay there, progasm shooting in and out of my ass feeling like it was just fucking my brains out. I convulsed, spasmed, pulled the mattress until my arms went numb, my throat loosened, and before I knew it, I was on my side, masturbating my rock solid cock. I shot a load over two feet past my towel, and my legs shot straight out, swinging into my face, I curled there, hugging the back of my knees, wanting badly to remove the progasm, but completely powerless to stop the repeated clenching and pushing. It carried on like this until I passed out, and came back to to a single rippling tingle in my back.
    I stood, removed the progasm, and cleaned it. The entire time my entire body was pulsing.
    I'm not sure what any of these three orgasms was triggered by… What were they? Does anybody know what these descriptions seem to embody? Were these intense anal orgasms? I'm not sure that they were, as when I have anal orgasms, I tend to gape and start screaming for more. Were these p-gasms back to back? I came, but I didn't feel like the cum dripped out, it was shooting out strongly, and I rarely get much sensation in my penis from a prostate orgasm. I usually go numb when I have one. I know for sure these weren't the big-O. I know my body well enough to know that this was still just a small step in that direction.

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      05/07/2010at4:08 am

      I was thinking about these three orgasms today, and I'm pretty sure that the first was a mini-O. The second was likely an ejaculatory orgasm brought on by prostate stimulation, but the third was the strangest one and the hardest to classify.
      The third seems like a full blown super-O localized to my lower body. I think asphyxiation from holding my breath caused me to pass out, and simultaneously intensified the orgasm. My body was completely rigid.
      The interesting thing, is that I didn't lapse into a refractory period. It's been five years since I was able to beat my refractory period. For a while, when I was 18-19, I could ejaculate, swap condoms, and then start having dry "ejaculatory" orgasms during sex. I lost this ability over the course of my stressful, and failed marriage.
      The interesting thing is, I still feel like there's something else on the way. This was definitely a super-O, and by comparison, I think my first session had one mini-O and two super-Os. The strangest thing about it, is that I feel like this one was way stronger than the first session, but I didn't feel the heart-flutter of joy that the first super-Os brought. The sensation was just strong, I didn't feel like I was part of it. Instead, it felt like it was just pouncing all over me and trying to break me. Good, but I prefer to feel like I'm causing this to happen…
      Anybody else got any input in the matter?

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