• Now, time for some fun

    OK, let's get this going. Remembering the guide, I started with breathing. And thinking "don't touch my cock". Got to the light flexing stage. Started getting some trembling in the legs. Is this good? Then all of a sudden I've got a rock hard cock….

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  • Time for some learning

    Been thinking about how to improve. Found a great guide here, and can see that I'd not invested enough time in the session. Also realised how different this was to using any other toy. This definitely isn't like a vibrator. It needs time and attention….

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  • My first ride

    Never had a toy up my arse before. Have tried a finger from time to time, but nothing else. So I was keen to take things easy. I'm not gay, but I'm also not shy of exploring some anal delights. Truth is, I have wanted…

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