• My first ride

    Never had a toy up my arse before. Have tried a finger from time to time, but nothing else. So I was keen to take things easy.
    I'm not gay, but I'm also not shy of exploring some anal delights. Truth is, I have wanted to get an anal toy for a long time. But what would my wife say!
    I ordered a beginner's butt plug, to warm up with, and a Helix. That was a week ago. Been thinking about getting it inside me all week. Decided to tell my wife what I was up to, and she was OK with it.
    I started out with the tiny butt plug. Well lubed, and relaxed. It almost fell in. Warmed up for a while, trying to learn to relax my muscle. Swapped to the Helix. No trouble at all. went right in. Having never put toys in there before, I was surprised at how much it got pulled inside. Good job it has handles!
    I'd read the guide it came with. Did some relaxing, then tried some muscle flexing. Not a lot happened. A few sensations, but they were subtle. Kept at it for a while. Things where building, but it was slow. Would a finger be better? Was I doing it right? I don't know.
    Decided I'd tried long enough, so I finished things off by hand. Was a good cum, but nothing special. More learning needed.

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