• Now, time for some fun

    OK, let's get this going. Remembering the guide, I started with breathing. And thinking "don't touch my cock".
    Got to the light flexing stage. Started getting some trembling in the legs. Is this good? Then all of a sudden I've got a rock hard cock. Harder than I've been for some time. It distracted my thoughts, and then I'm back to square one.
    Working at getting things going again. Very slow though, but nice. Finally getting some twitching in my legs. Slowly building the intensity of my contractions. By this time I'm completely flacid 🙁
    Decided that I needed to hurry up. Things were going well, but I was impatient. So I grabbed my cock. I would need to find some wood before I could get anyway. But what happened next was a shock. I just exploded with cum. So imtense that I'm not sure exactly what happened, but there's more cum than I've ever seen before.
    Still not hands free, but was the best orgasm I can remember. So looking forward to my next ride, but need to give it a rest for a few days I think

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      07/25/2011at10:36 pm

      Hah, I know what you mean- I got my MGX and haved at it for a couple hours in the day time, then at night I thought I could give it another shot- no dice. Definitely requires a couple days in between!

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