• There's definitely something happening down there.

    So I had some alone time to try out the Helix Syn again. I made sure to live up really well and inserted it. It went in very easily, and my ass once again sucked it right into place against my prostate. I had on…

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  • First time with my wife

    Before I bought my Helix Syn, I made sure that I discussed it with my wife. I have some BPH issues, and we had discussed prostate massage before. Plus, my wife likes to tease my anus during oral sex. I figured she'd be open to…

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  • Starting my journey

    First time trying my Helix Syn. I lubed it up really well with liquid, water based lube. It took just a little effort to get relaxed enough to allow it to slide in. It went in with a slow and steady pressure, then all of…

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