• First time with my wife

    Before I bought my Helix Syn, I made sure that I discussed it with my wife. I have some BPH issues, and we had discussed prostate massage before. Plus, my wife likes to tease my anus during oral sex. I figured she'd be open to it, but it was still a little intimidating to ask. She was definitely up for the "challenge".
    When the time came, I did the insertion of the Aneros. Although, I'm sure as time goes on, my wife will get involved in that as well. Even though I told her to try to focus on kissing, nipple play, etc, she kept going back to focusing on my penis. We were both incredibly turned on, and I just couldn't bring myself to ask her to stop.
    So the Aneros session ended rather quickly. I left the Helix Syn inserted while we had sex. This was a new and unique experience, as the device pounded on my prostate in time with each thrust of my hips. When I came in a traditional orgasm, it was extremely intense, and lasted longer. My wife even commented that it seemed like a lot more cum than usual.
    We agreed that next time we'll try to keep the hands off the cock a little longer. I think that's going to be easier said than done. I'll also try to get in some solo sessions where I can just concentrate on the internal feelings.

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