• There's definitely something happening down there.

    So I had some alone time to try out the Helix Syn again. I made sure to live up really well and inserted it. It went in very easily, and my ass once again sucked it right into place against my prostate. I had on some yoga music from an internet radio station. I laid on my back, knees in the air, and a pillow under the small of my back. I did my best to relax, calm my breathing, and every so often, gave a gentle contraction.
    Again, it was very comfortable. The pressure on my prostate felt a little light, but as I held a gentle contraction, it occasionally twitched, and I swear I could feel my pulse in my prostate. About 30 minutes into the session, I had some stronger fluttering. Then out of nowhere, I had two sudden pulses of warm energy shot from my pelvis up to my chest. They happened one right after the other and caught me off guard, taking my breath away. Even after all of the reading I've done, I wasn't ready for anything like that, and it knocked me out of the moment.
    I tried the same position, and a couple others. While on my knees, torso on the bed, I felt a stronger pressure on the prostate, that crested and waned with each deep breath.
    When I rolled back onto my back, I had some different sensations. Earlier, it didn't really feel like my rectum was that full. This time, as I relaxed, it almost felt like the Aneros was growing. I'm sure it was pulled deeper into my rectum and for the first time, I could feel a definite pressure from the p-tab on my perineum. I had some more tingling, but no more energy waves like earlier.
    I have a day off alone again tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to another session. I'll do my best to avoid any expectations.

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