• Beating my meat and diddling my nipples with Kegels thrown in : Aneros foreplay, Saturday January 19

    Hi guys,

    All this talk about “Penis?!?!?” of late has gotten me horny, randy, and HARD!!!

    When I slipped on my very first jockstrap for the very first time in early September 1963 before wearing it for 7th grade Phys Ed class was a sexual awakening for me. When Coach Knox, our Phys Ed teacher, told us that we boys had to get an athletic supporter for gym class, it was the first Wednesday, the day after Labor Day, I rushed to the drugstore near our town center after school that day to purchase one. The pharmacist sized me up and presented me a boys large Johnson and Johnson “Coach” Athletic Supporter. The smallish box the jock came in had a drawing of an athletic man naked except for the jockstrap he was wearing. I popped a boner in my white chinos, absolutely excited that in a few minutes that I would be wearing it. I was entering adolescence at the time. My manhood was becoming adult at the time. That means that my young cock was lubing lots of precum. I rushed home, rushed to my bedroom, stripped my clothes, and tried on the jockstrap. The jock fit me perfectly which meant that I had to wear my erect cock up in the twelve o’clock position. I experienced a sexual awakening when I slipped on the jock. The way the jock supported my scrotum, my erect penis, with my Glans scrunched against the waistband caused exultation. I exulted the feelings of awakened sexual delight. From that moment, I developed an intense jockstrap fetish. Athletic cups soon were added to that fetish which continues to this day as an aging man. Whenever I slip on jockstrap or a jock and a cup, I feel young. Indeed these basic athletic items are health promoting!

    While I was an absolute spasmatic when I was in gym class, deep down inside I enjoyed wearing athletic clothing, a gym uniform. Coach Knox and successive gym teachers insisted wearing one. Again wearing a jockstrap for gym class was essential. It was a mandatory part of our “kit.” I exulted in the primal feel of my jockstrap, its “bare ass” feel. Coach Knox explained to us that wearing a jockstrap prevents fatigue because a guy’s cock and balls were supported. I think that athletic supporters are a marvel of human invention because in the heat of athletic activity, a guy gets hot and sweaty “down there.” Jockstraps do not have a “seat” which covers a guy’s buttock as boxers or briefs which many guys wear for every day wear, except there are perhaps quite a few guys who go commando in wearing no underwear at all. Wearing athletic cup for contact sports goes one step further. A cup protects a guy’s gonads. Athletic cups over the years have come a long way in their contoured, banana design in providing more complete protection to his groin area.

    However, wearing a jock for gym class and just for fun at home in my bedroom put in touch with my burgeoning adolescent body, especially with my developing cock and balls. In the weeks and months that followed to replicate those sweet feelings in my cock and balls. My glans penis became the focus my attention. I first developed a sexual attention. Every time I touched my cockhead, balls, and Glans, very sweet, powerful sexual feeling would result. My adolescent Glans I discovered was/is a treasure trove of those feelings.

    However, I soon settled upon the masturbatory grip which seemed so natural and instinctive. Masturbation just became my preferred method for eliciting those delicious, sweet feelings which my cock shaft, mushroom cockhead, and ball sack produced. At heart, but I did not know why, I was exploring what my genitals had for me, but even my adolescent body. Early one Saturday evening before bedtime in April 1964, I was masturbating. Somehow my body took over, my masturbation just felt better and better. It seemed that I was climbing a mountain. My masturbatory strokes made me feel heady. Suddenly a tidal wave of sexual pleasure swept over me, and I experienced my first full fledged orgasm and ejaculation of semen. Not only did it feel so good, but it felt so right!

    Like many guys since that beautiful experience, I became a devoted masturbator, jacking off, several times a week. I learned to edge and surf the point of ejaculatory inevitability or point of return in my bate sessions. This is the PONR which @goldenboy speaks much in his blog here. I live his imagery of the mount of sexual arousal too. For the me, the PONR is at the summit of this mount, a ratified region of sexual giddiness which when he enters the temple of the PONR experiences sexual bliss in his orgasm and ejaculation of semen. Experienced guys will edge and sure at the limerance of delaying this point ejaculatory inevitability. The longer his delay or dalliance, the stronger or longer his orgasms will be and the more copious and creamier his ejaculations!

    When I was in my mid fifties, I developed my own theory of male sexual response. The dubbed it The theory of the Axis of male sexual pleasure which in most male is centered in his penis. On opposite poles of this Axis are his Glans and his prostate. Although since then that a guy’s prostate is closed tied with his testicles, seminal vesicles, etc.

    So when a guy masturbates, or fucks, or have his cock sucked, pleasure arises in his Glans, travels down his cockshaft, and ends up in his prostate, even his balls, and returns in the opposite direction to his Glans. Thus is established in a guy a circuit of sexual pleasure which in many ways is electric.

    However whenever I beat my beat, I tend to avoid my Glans. I learned from my early years that my Glans is a treasure trove of sexual pleasure. This I confirmed when I began wearing jockstraps through which I learned to touch myself sexually and settled upon the masturbatory grip which ultimately led to my very successful orgasm and ejaculation of semen! I discovered that the rim or corona is especially sensitive as well as the underside of my Glans which the frenular delta, my sweet spot. Like most neonatal boys, my frenulum was excised when I was circumcised shortly after birth.

    I learned in those heady years of my adolescence that I could bring my rocks off by a two or three finger pulsation of my Glans.

    I formulated my theory a good six or seven years before early June 2012 when I began my Aneros journey with Aneros Syn. Six years later in mid September 2016 with Super-O’s and MMO’s, and shortly after I discovered the pleasure of diddling my nipples. Of course, I had been a devoted Kegeler since just before my Aneros began.

    The Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure. Of course, when guys masturbate, they will focus on their cocks, and many will stimulate their Glans gripping them with two or three fingers and even the palm of their hands to bring them off. The Aneros prostate massage, the Kegels, and nipple diddling enhance the pleasure they feel in their prostate even balls. This I have experienced in my life with the Aneros and Aless!

    Take care!

    P.S. I have written this blog entry with @goldenboy, @pasttime, @turnrow, @rightBrain, @SOwithoutAneros, @Harper, and other guys in mind.


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      01/20/2019at8:05 pm

      Honored and a little horney. I think my prostate massage (external) has always been a part of my sexuality, but I had no idea that was true. Now I am very aware of the Axis!

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