• Aneros sessions, 12/25 & 12/30 : Aneros/Aless Mindfulness

    Hi guys,
    We here in the Mid-Atlantic are in the grip of excessively cold weather which may continue beyond the first weekend of 2018. This super cold affects also much of the northern tier of the USA and way down south. Hence it has reduced greatly my Aneros sessions recently.
    I am typing this blog entry early Saturday morning. My Aneros buddies of Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic have been cleansed and are rearing to go. They consist my Aneros first team Full-Court Press which have given me consistently great sessions for a real long time. I had a powerful session early Christmas Day morning with these buddies. I just let them work me over in their individual way delivering me crescendos and paroxysms of pleasure! However, as I was having this session, an arctic front passed through this frigid weather which now at this writing just keeps coming!
    I do not like at all how frigid weather denies me regularity in my sessions which I need even now even now of after 5.5 years of working the Aneros. I use my sessions to prime of pump of Aneros/Aless pleasure and well-being! Not only are my sessions on the whole pleasurable, but they are certainly health promoting and invigorating.
    This morning I waited for the radiators to warm up my apartment sufficiently so that I could have an Aneros despite this excessive cold! Finally at 8 a.m., I lost patience and elected for a session. I discovered a few weeks ago how to dress for session when the weather is cold. First I don an Under Armour Cold Gear mock long-sleeve shirt, then a zipped hoodie, and finally a woolen cap. However, a few days ago, I found even heavier zipped hoodie with lots of fleece which provides even more warmth. It had laid in my closet unused for two decades! While my body above my waist is nice and warm, the bottom half is naked.This morning I shivered through much of my session. But rather in the summertime, I am totally naked when I have Aneros sessions. It is much better that way.
    So this morning, Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, and MGX seemed rather lackluster in their performance. I used mainly the technique of let them go slowly and languidly in their operation. I also used the Aneros Tug-of-War technique too. I focused my attention on their massage action which really helped them along. As I did this with MGX, I reveled in the delicious feelings the MGX created, sliding in and out my bunghole this morning. Both Maximus and Progasm ICE with their larger size worked better, thus rounding out my session.
    There is hardly a session now that doesn’t produce Aless for me. Aless began to come easily for me when I began using Maximus in July 2012, just five weeks after I began using Helix Syn on Sunday evening, June 3, 2012.
    Generally every good Aneros session during which I let my Aneros models work over my prostate and anal musculature produces good, sustained Aless which lasts for hours, even days even if I do not have an Aneros session. I prefer to have sessions first thing in the morning often at five or six o’clock when I am alert and refreshed after sleep. Then I shower, shave, and dress for the day. Aless kicks in with its power after that routine. Often my Aless feels as though an Aneros model is still inserted massaging away. I enjoy focusing on those feelings and add Kegel action and diddling my nipples to add rocket fuel to my Aless.
    Sometimes I like to wear a jock and cup under my jeans while I savor my Aless. This morning I am wearing a BIKE CUP no. 85 supporter unit as my base layer. The BIKE CUP with its banana contoured shape was popular among athletes in the mid and latter 1980’s. Over my jock and cup, I am wearing a new pair of Munsingwear boxer brief with its patented Kangeroo pouch. The jock, cup, and boxer brief combo work very well as I engage with my Aless and Kegels as I write this. It all has been so sweet this morning!
    Mindfulness meditation is perfect in developing both focus and detachment with one’s Aless. In recent years, certainly when I achieved Super-O’s starting in 2014, Mindfulness has been a perfect tool in enjoying my Aless just for what it is and certainly as I shape it, whether through calm, relaxed, and rhythmic breathing, Kegeling, and/or diddling my nipples.
    Also, I have found over the years that there is a symbiotic relationship between my Aneros sessions and my Aless. My Aless gives me zest for and preps me for my Aneros sessions which almost invariably now produce amazing Aless. I have found also that Mindfulness enables me to focus upon my Aneros sessions themselves and the operation of my Aneros buddies have upon my prostate, anal musculature, and sexual well-being. Mindfulness with its focus upon one’s breath and detachment develops focus on the sessions themselves as I let them unfold naturally.
    Just about every night I enjoy communing and interacting with my Aless. Following @goldenboy’s lead, I have been wearing a jock and cup under my sweats these long and cold winter nights. I wouldn’t say that wearing an athletic cup in my case is a “chastity” cup. I developed an intense jock and cup fetish during my adolescent years. For me, an athletic cup is a profoundly erotic device while serving a genital protective role in the heat of contact sports. During these long, cold winter nights, a jock and cup under sweats is so reassuring, much like a pacifier for infants. And yes, I enjoy diddling my nipples at night!
    For athletic cups, I suggest cups by Shock Doctor, All-Star Sports, Martin Sporting Sports, and the Nutty Buddy which can be purchased from battleportsscience.com, Epic Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Amazon.com. These are state-of-the-art, contoured, banana cups with give full coverage for a man’s scrotum by reaching around it even to his perineum, his taint. Thus these athletic cups actually massage a man’s perineum, which I, for one, enjoy the feel of an athletic cup of such a design. It complements the action of the P-tab of the Aneros which is designed to stimulate the sweetness of a man’s perineum and while massaging his prostate and anal musculature.
    I leave you with a brief account of the life of Major League Baseball great, Mark Littelll, who had his baseball career with the Kansas City Royals and St Louis Cardinals 1973-1982. Since then he served as a baseball coach and mentor with various teams over the years. As a player and coach, he was amazed that so few players wear athletic cups and seemed willing to suffer testicular injury from errand baseballs. So in his mind, he devised an entirely new cup with the help of several design scientists at Arizona State University. He began marketing his Nutty Buddy Cup in 2008. It became an instant hit with athletes, including me! I have quite a few Nutty Buddy Cups both in the Mongo (XL) size and the Trophy (L) size, which I love to wear. In the last year or so, battlesportsscience.com has brought out a newer Nutty Buddy Flex Cup which is also popular for its comfort. Mark also has his own company which markets his Nutty Buddy Ballistic Cup only for law enforcement and the military. They have the same design the original Nutty Buddy but also have an intensely erotic camouflage design. It sells for a very pricey $285 per cup and alas, it is sold not to individuals, but rather in bulk per one hundred for police departments and the military. You can view the Nutty Buddy Ballistic Cup at nuttybuddyballistic.com. Mark is not only an entrepreneur, baseball coach and a mentor in his retirement, but he is also in demand as an motivational speaker. He is a real inspiration!
    In the meantime, I hope to have a session featuring Progasm Classic late Sunday afternoon, New Year’s Eve and a fairly long, leisurely session on New Years Day. I wish you all a healthy and productive 2018 with wonderful sessions and Aless with Aneros! Take care!

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      12/31/2017at11:23 am

      @BigGlansDC Happy New Year! It’s always great to read about your Aneros adventures. The combination of wearing athletic cups with Aneros and Aless sessions is an unbeatable combo! Great history of the Nutty Buddy! I too can’t wait for warmer weather! When you’re retired, you want it all!

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