• Ya cain't never tell …

    My knee was giving me fits in the morning, and I took two alleve tabs. When my wife went shopping, i thought it was a good time to relax … I cleaned and lubed and put in the smallest peridise. But instead of howling ecstasy, I just got a couple of mini-O's and one small thrash. After a good whil lying there dozingly, I gave up and moved to the next size up. Again, I had my pc's playing soccer with the bulb, and went nowhere but to sleep. Gave up, cleaned up. and my wife came home.
    I'm suspecting that the Alleve interferes with more than pain coming up the nerves.
    However, when I went to bed, I was thinking of telling my internist about my newly found gift of calling up dry orgasms at will, tried calling up a couple of p-waves that brought minis, licked the end of my finger, WOOOO! I got a Aneless super that kept me rolling with p-waves and supers for an hour before I collapsed into sleep!
    Now I'm sort of scared of what the Eupho Syn will do to me next time it rides me. Last time, I was hallucinating I was in a woman's body having intercourse with my beloved. And I haven't had a dick in me since high school when my best friend and I, with inadequate lube, tried to find out what sex felt like.

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