• Working with Aneros Sweetness : Aneros sessions for Sept 29-30 & Oct 7 ; Athletic cup Aless!

    Hi guys,
    I had two very powerful and sweet Aneros sessions yesterday morning and this morning.
    I used my Aneros Full Court Press in the following order of Aneros models: Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. This is a minor rearrangement which seems to work better than previously. Helix Classic slips in easily and “hooks” around my prostate which prepares me better for the more rugged action of MGX. I have come to value very much how so well MGX fits me. It seems that MGX and I were made for each other. Not only do we fit perfectly, but I love how MGX “grabs” my prostate while massaging my anal canal with its ribbed stem.
    Also I have come to value the sleek action of Progasm ICE. This model is ideal for performing the Kegel Exercises both as a disciplined regimen and naturally.
    With such powerful, sweet Aneros sessions as these, powerful, sweet Aless follow. It is so nice to luxuriate in such Aless, but also to interaction with it using the Kegels and caressing my nipples. Wow!
    Just about every Aneros session is laden with sublime sweetness with Aless post-session beyond compare!
    Since last weekend, I have had three Aneros sessions this week: Monday, Wednesday, and early this morning Saturday. They were great sessions, each in their own way. Yesterday morning, Friday, I had an errand to run which made me forgo a session. So I waited until this morning for which I had deal with building Aneros horniness. I wanted so bad to work with Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. I sublimated somewhat my Aneros horniness by having periods of Kegels and diddling my nipples throughout the day. Last night I wore a jock and cup to bed and slept blissfully but also Kegeled and diddled myself during periods of wakefulness!
    This morning I had a 90 minutes with my Aneros “full court press!” What impressed me so much about this morning’s session was that each of my Aneros models seemed to be Energizer Bunnies as they worked on me of their own accord. Oh yes, I Kegeled some, but they seemed to be doing most of the work of Anerosing! My whole body and consciousness was and still is suffused by Aneros sweetness. After ending the session, I cleaned up, showered, shaved, and dressed for the day. I also slipped on a Champion Sports supporter cup unit under my cargo shorts. I must way that wearing a jock and cup magnifies both the effects of the Kegel Exercises and Aless! Still wearing that jock and cup a good six hours after my session! I hope to have to repeat performance of all this Monday morning Columbus Day! Take care!

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