• Wish I’d had another hour……………… or three :-)

    Once it gets going Progasm feels like a penis in me where a vagina would be, lower than my asshole.

    This session got really good. Something about this device, once the big O hits, this thing can keep bringing on wave after wave after wave of contractions for a few minutes. Maybe with its smoothness it just slides better. Just kind of falling away from myself, relaxing, and letting the tool work makes it keep on going.

    Started out on my stomach, face down of course. This got things going in about ten minutes. Felt that heat and tightness in my prostate building up and WHAM! I’d have a minute or three of pleasure pulses and then a delay of thirty seconds or so then back to it.

    After about 30 minutes I got up to pee. I got on my back afterwards with my knees bent. I get much better involuntary, rapid fire contractions in this position though I’m starting to have more on my chest. Something about that pee break never fails to bring on some major O activity once I’m back on my back or stomach. Wasn’t two minutes before I was lifting my hips off the bed. Just incredible. Things just kept getting better. Actually had a short full body seizure like event at this point too. Have not had one of those in weeks.

    Time actually REALLY got away from me this time. Just lost in the pleasure. Was surprised when I found out what I thought was twenty minutes had been thirty.

    My perineum muscles and some others inside are certainly getting stronger. The spasms I have are just super tight and they last quite a while, maybe not fully contracted but at least fifty to seventy-five percent. I actually leak a little prostate fluid now the contractions are so intense.


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