• Wicked fingertip

    My wife was out for an specified shopping trip, and I was feeling a bit horny. Not wanting to go through the entire hoo-hah of clensing, prepping, and cleanup for the time, I just tried putting the fingertip of my left hand onto the golden spot on the perinium that the tab sits on, and seeing what happened.
    Relaxed with a moderate pressure on it. I caught a pwave that developed a mild supero … the next one filled the room and extracted a howl from me. I called it a success and tried for a T, but was not successful, probably owing to a lack of available fluids to eject.
    But I got an erection and about three more super-o's trying. And I did get my shot of endorphins when mhy body tried to ejaculate. I do get that unmistakable full relaxation and blissing.

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