• What is a Super O

    Not sure what a Super O is, hope I never find out. Cause I never want to meet the final goal. I want to always be striving for a better or different type of session
    Todays session was something else. It was more for my spirit than my body. Felt tingles all over from my toes to my ears.
    I am typing this as I enjoy the after glow of it. I know it sounds cornny, but this was one of the best seesions ever.
    I have been at this for about 5 years, and it just keeps getting better and better.


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      10/23/2017at10:07 am

      @aneros_user83540 I know that feeling! As you get deeper into the sessions, you begin to develop an awareness of your prostate and your sexuality that you are able to coax-out with various techniques! Yes, it keep getting better and better!

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      10/26/2017at12:58 pm

      Hey, @aneros_user83540, you must not at all be afraid to find out what a SuperO is, because there isn’t one SuperO but they all are unique. Instead of a certain final goal you even won’t experience barely one similiar SuperO a second time.
      But trying to avoid a SuperO could be the best idea you ever had. Because sometimes resisting to give in to the superficial feelings and involuntaries coming with my p-waves helped me to hover in a stage of tranquility until the SuperO built up in the behind and suddenly crushed over me like an extraterrestrian superwave.
      And affirmative! The best is yet to come! Good vibes!

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      11/17/2017at2:44 pm

      Totally agree! Just keeps getting better and better! Had a great session yesterday as had a couple of hours available. After prep and lube started with the EuphoSyn which got things started after a few minutes after insertion. Prostate responded with lots of movement and p waves. Found a good position on my right side with right leg straight and left leg elevated and bent. Moved on to the HelixSyn and was soon rewarded with more movement followed by many dry os and lots of p waves. Feel that the big one is getting close but am really getting into the multiple os and the awesome feelings which accompany them including the anal orgasms! Have only been at it a year but have come a long way! After the HelixSyn went to the Progasm Ice for the finish! Have found lots of good Aless feelings since yesterday’s session!
      Happy sessions and thanks for sharing!

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      04/16/2018at12:46 am

      Trust your body and mind to take you to bliss! Question less, relax and trust your body and mind more…the best is yet to come!

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