• What a weekend. Probably fifty SO’s

    Started a new job. It really keeps my mind occupied so I don’t get very wound up prostate wise during the week. Prostate
    came to life with a vengeance this weekend.

    Yesterday, Saturday, on my way in I started playing with my nipples in the car. Had at least four A-less in the twenty five miles
    to work. When I got home I sat down and started playing with my nipples again. At this point I was wound up pretty well so getting
    off another eight or so was no problem. Later, my wife went out so I got about forty-five minutes with my PS-New. This worked
    like it never has before. Wasn’t long before the fun started and I had at least another fifteen if not twenty.

    Today I started with the Progasm Black-Ice. Wasn’t a minute until I had my first SO. After twenty minutes or so and probably fifteen
    SO’s. I switched to the PS-New. WHAM! Things started going again. after five or so SO’s with it I switched back to the Progasm.
    After a little while it was back to the PS-New. Had a good SO probably every minute through this session. Some incredible, some
    not so incredible but still good.

    I found the PS-New moves a lot more than the Progasm which I think helps in its performance. Used to be I felt it was too long and
    was uncomfortable but that has passed.

    Last session ended two hours ago. Just went and had another A-less playing with my nipples. I’m on the edge of a chairgasm
    as I sit here typing this.

    What a weekend.

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