• What a strange session …

    This was different indeed and quite the learning experience.

    Flushed myself out with an enema. Lubed up with the organic shortening which I’m really starting to like. Popped in the Progasm. Face down on the bed with a couple pillows under my hips.

    Had four SO’s in about six minutes. These were REALLY nice orgasms. After that though the intensity dropped off. I could still get to an orgasm but not with the intensity of the first four or even close to what I usually get. They were kind of what I’ll call “sideways”. This is how I refer to a traditional orgasm when you’ve tried to hold it to let it build then it all falls apart sensation wise. You still climax and ejaculate but you’ve blown the best part of the sensation.

    Anyway, I stopped and took a break for a few minutes then I popped in the PS-New. Same results. Got up took care of a few things around the house. Grabbed the Helix Trident, not even close to what I had with the Progasm and PS-New. Kept this up back and forth for an hour and decided to stop.

    Finished up around the house and decided to give it another go. Same thing. Face down, on my back, pillows under hips, no pillows, on my side, nothing worked. Gave up again and decided to get the big butt plug out and enjoy it for a while.

    The Ace of Spades butt plug is big. 80mm in diameter. It’s a rush putting in and taking out. It puts a lot of pressure on my hip bones and tail bone and things get sore after a while. Twenty minutes is about as long as I can wear it without taking it out and taking a break. Had this in and out a few times until I’d hit my limit of discomfort.

    So, having some more free time I decide to give the Progasm another try. This time it was different. I guess having my asshole stretched so long and so severely kind of over-taxed the anal / rectal muscles and I just could not generate any movement with them. Well, the PC muscles finally took over and I think I had the best SO’s yet. I think I’ve discovered I spend too much time trying to manipulate things with my rectal muscles and probably end up with WAY too much pressure on my prostate. Today, just coasting letting the PC muscles do most of the work with just a little help was the magic button.

    I found out a while ago a high pitched almost whimpering sound seems to make things happen too. I’d read a post in the forum where someone suggested this. Been doing it a while, especially when things slow down, and find it gets things going again.


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