• Week In Review

    In the week, I had three excellent sessions but the last one had a bit of a twist.
    Thursday morning, half an hour before my better half went out for grocery shopping, I prepped and inserted my Maximus, strolled around and even went into my wood shop enjoying the feeling of my prostate being rubbed back and forth.  When she departed, I got myself comfortable on the couch and enjoyed the great feelings the Max gave me.
    Friday evening, I had a date with my Eupho Syn and it did not disappoint me.  My session was close to two hours and I kept reaching new levels of pleasures.  This seems to be the case with every session these days.
    Saturday evening, I started with my Helix Syn and unfortunately I felt a very slight headache (rare for me).  The headache grew along with the great prostate p-waves; what a twist, great feelings along with growing pain!  Towards the end of my session, for about half an hour, I switched to my MGX and it gave me new sensations.  It was getting late and I, reluctantly, had to end the session but happy to tend to my headache and go to bed.
    It is difficult for me to select one of my five Aneros models as my favorite as they all seem to be excellent performers.  My body whispers what model it favors prior to my sessions.
    One point I need to mention is the fact that however great my Aneros sessions have evolved to, the same goes for my Aless sessions.  It does not matter how short or long they are, I’m guaranteed great sensations. 
    Often I think about the future (my old days) and rejoice in knowing that I will be able to enjoy Aless sensations; something I was fortunate enough to discover and cultivate in my early sixties.
    I look forward to my next session, most likely on Tuesday evening.
    Life is wonderful!

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      10/16/2017at3:06 pm

      @GGringo, I am that you are enjoying your five Aneros models. Eupho Syn, Helix Syn, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE (which I believe you have) are great models.
      I am so sorry that you experienced a headache during one of your suggestions. Take care!

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