• Walk this way

    Took an awfully long time to get going today. Did the usual breathing/warmups, but really wasn't feeling anything. Tried different strength contractions and even tried re-inserting the Helix to see if that would help. It took about 45 min before I starting feeling anything pleasurable. After that, things were much better. Starting getting P-Waves, as strong as previous sessions, but not as often. I again starting with small, baseline contractions and moved onto progressively stronger contractions until I had to let go due to fatigue. Then would start the cycle again. Interestingly, the best feelings came with the baseline contractions. I felt the pleasure build and then would increase pressure, which didn't help much. I tried to hold the baseline for a while and while it felt nice, it didn't progress. In the end, only a few small orgasms.
    A couple things different about this session. I used 5 ml of pre-lube instead of the 3.5 ml I've been using. In addition, my stomach was rumbling throughout much of the session, being both a distraction and possibly affecting the movement of the Helix. So not sure if this was just a bum session, or if one of the above contributed to it.
    At about 2:55am, I decided I was done. I stood up with the intention of heading to the bathroom and when I did, I felt the Helix pressing strongly against my prostate. It felt really nice, so I started walking around the room for a bit. The pleasurable feelings continued, even getting stronger. It may have turned into something if my stomach wasn't also growling louder than before. I'll have to investigate this in a future session.

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