• Waking up

    A tingling in my groin woke me. It was pitch black in the room and I had no idea what time it was.

    I was lying on my back, legs together and very quickly, I started to feel waves of pleasure come over me as my prostate came fully awake.

    I am now starting to understand the different feelings I get. There is the intense feeling right in my perineum; a diffuse warm feeling in my pelvis; a warm intense glow throughout my body, extending into my head; clamping in my abdomen, sometime gut-wrenching, causing my body to fold in the middle, my abdomen rock hard.

    I get all of these now. Every time I find my abdomen starting to tighten up, I use @SOwithoutAneros’s technique to make sure I am not using any contractions and to focus just on the waves coursing through me. Each time, I relax and focus on the energy ball, a new, higher, more intense wave washes over me. Memories of my wife and I making love last Sunday come to me and I remember her fingers battling with my tongue as she came to orgasm herself. The thought pushes new waves over me.

    My wife tosses and turns next to me, her movements causing spasms to go through me as the mattress moves.

    Time passes and I have no idea how long and I drift between light sleep and beautiful waves of pleasure. Each time I feel myself come back to consciousness, I feel the waves more intense, as though the dipping into semi-sleep has relaxed all my muscles even more, intensifying the feelings.

    Suddenly it’s 6am and the alarms go off. I roll over to my wife and hold her and start stroking her breasts and nipples. I tell her I have been orgasming for two hours – at least that’s what it felt like.

    Then a new experience. I start to massage my prostate in the area above my pubic bone in my lower belly. I can feel an exquisite nub of energy there, so start to flick my frenulum (I am circumcised) and very shortly my penis hardens and my body convulses with an orgasm and liquid spurts across my belly. I don’t know if this is semen or not, as I don’t feel the normal post ejaculation drop off.

    What a way to start the day…


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      02/21/2019at12:05 pm

      Jabba dabba do, I feel happy for you! And you got me quite aroused with your vivid report, thanks for sharing!

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