• Vice Vice Baby!

    The Vice has been an absolute champ this week. I used it 3 times since my last blog post, and all three times I ended the session saying to myself that THAT session was the best session I've ever had so far with the Vice. Can't wait until tomorrow! :(
    The 3rd of those three sessions was especially remarkable, since it was SO much better than the previous session )and former 'Best Session Ever' champion(. I actually had a bit of a headache and had intended to lay down for a bit and let the headache pass. I figured while I was laying there, I would insert the Vice and see if anything came of it. I didn't really do any breathing exercises like I normally do. I just laid down and relaxed the best that I could. I actually fell asleep for about 20-30 minutes and when I woke, I felt a bit of a tingling down there )and the headache was mostly gone!(. Did some contraction which felt nice, but nothing really came of it. After about an hour )from the time I laid down(, I turned on the vibrator.
    Started with Light-Steady for about 20 minutes, which produced some nice feelings, but nothing remotely close to an orgasm. Switched to Medium-Steady and the Vice must have been at just the right spot, because as soon as I set it to Medium-Steady, I felt a nice orgasm starting. It wasn't especially powerful, but it took me by surprise which I feel made it more enjoyable. Medium was really working better for me as usual, as I ended up with several more orgasms including at least one 'super' orgasm )still not decided if I want to call it a Super-O(. After about 45 minutes, I felt that I wasn't going to get anything more out of Medium, so moved on to High-Steady.
    High-Steady has always been the Vice's crown jewel )at least for me( and this time was no different. I had several strong and 'super' orgasms, both anal and prostate. After about 45 min, I took a 5 min break with the vibrator turned off and my legs relaxed )they had been bent the entire time to this point(. When I ended my break, I set the Vice to Medium-Steady. That quickly brought on a nice prostate orgasm, but not much after that. Switched it to High-Steady, which also wasn't producing much. The vibrations didn't feel as strong as before, so I figured it was time for a battery change.
    Doing an in-place battery change on the Vice isn't terribly difficult. There are two ways to do it. One is to reach down and unscrew the battery cap, replace the battery and then screw it back on. If you choose this method, a couple things to know. First, you have to make sure that you don't screw the battery cap on too tight before your session, or it's going to be fairly difficult to unscrew it later. Second, you need to try to keep the area around the base of the Aneros free of lube, or your going to have a hard time getting enough of a grip on the screwcap. Finally, unless you're completely shaven in the area, you WILL get some hair caught when you screw the cap back on. Best way is to turn the cap a few times, and move your fingers around the vibrator to loosen and hairs that get caught. Repeat a few times and you should be good with a minimum amount of yanked anal hairs.
    The second method is to pull out the vibrator from the Aneros. This is actually the more difficult of the two to do )in my opinion( as you have to pull out the vibrator while simultaneously keeping the Aneros itself inserted. It's harder than it sounds. If you're going to try this method, I would suggest a VERY small amount of water be spread on the vibrator before inserting to make it easier to pull out later )you must make sure no water actually gets inside the vibrator, as that will probably ruin it(.
    Anyhow, back to the action. I did the first method to replace the battery. A neat feature of the vibrator is that if you unscrew the cap without first turning off the vibrator, when you screw it back on, it will continue with the same vibration setting. So once I replaced the battery and screwed the cap back on, it immediately started up again at High-Steady, with much stronger vibrations than before.
    It took several minutes at this 'new' High-Steady for me to really feel anything. I was started to get a bit discouraged and was considering ending my session when I finally felt something. It found a sensitive spot and I let it sit there for a while to see what it turned into. I was rewarded with a pretty strong prostate orgasm that I thoroughly enjoyed. After it subsided I rested for a moment to consider what to do next, but the Vice would have none of that. I quickly felt another prostate orgasm build and explode, much stronger than before. It lasted for about a minute and I paused to try to catch me breath, but the Vice was being especially evil and would not give me a break. I again exploded into a prostate orgasm, about as strong as the last. This cycle continued for about 15 minutes, with one orgasm rolling after another. I don't know how many…I stopped counting somewhere in the teens. On a couple of occasions, the orgasms were especially strong and lasted longer. For each of those, I felt the next orgasm start before that one had finished, which was especially odd )and quite pleasurable(. I even felt the anus get in the act with a couple of orgasms of it's own.
    Unfortunately, at this point my headache started to come back a bit, otherwise I might still be there enjoying the rolling orgasms. I decided to finish off a Super-T, but I had to quickly get my penis going between prostate orgasms without getting it TOO excited and causing an ejaculation before I was ready. It actually took me about 10 minutes or so to get my penis hard enough to finish the job, as it seems like prostate orgasms were getting even stronger )and more frequent( after I started simulating my penis. I finally was able to achieve what might have been the greatest Super-T in the history of mankind. It felt like I was having a prostate orgasm simultaneously with a traditional orgasm. It was so strong that my legs were almost unable to support my weight when I got out of my bed to cleanup. As I'm writing this, it's 2 hours after that session has ended, and I am still enjoying the 'afterglow' in both my penis and prostate.
    A few random notes from the week:
    -I've noticed it before, but especially with the most recent session. It seems that whenever I decide to end a session with a Super-T and start stimulating my penis to get it hard, my prostate gets jealous and starts making sure I don't forget about it. The past several sessions, I have had very strong )sometime super( orgasms in this fashion, which is counter to most of what I read on the forums and wiki. While I'm curious as to why this is the case, I am certainly not complaining.
    -The previous two sessions )not including the one detailed above( I again had issues with the Vice sliding out of my butt towards the latter parts of the session. I am continuously having to push it back in…about every 5 minutes. I still haven't figured out why, but I may have been using too much pre-lube. I was using 5ml and dropped down to 4ml for this most recent session. The Vice didn't pop out, so I'll continue at 4ml for a while to see what happens. As a note, I am solely using a water based lube )ID Glide and/or Astroglide(.
    -I gave the Helix Syn a couple workouts this week, one exclusive and the other as a warmup before switching to the Vice. In both cases, while I had some pleasurable feelings along with some P-Waves, nothing beyond that. A couple times, I felt my anus tense up like an orgasm was about to begin, but nothing came of it. Probably still need to build up my muscles more.

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