• update on experiences

    Hi everyone. Just an update on my experiences this week, and my current…routine.
    I experiemented a bit this week as I have not been hitting the highs I did at first. It still feels quite good, but I only get short orgasms or quiverings, that are localized and not whole body..and rarely if every do they happen one after another like the did for my first week or so )Before I got a cold(.
    I'm not sure why, although it may be due to not giving more then 24 hours or so before a session on a regular basis.
    I tried a few new things along the way this week though.
    First, early this week, I tried using a toy on myself after a session )Before cumming( and culminating while using a toy. This was enjoyable and felt good, but it seems better to just keep using the Aneros since it's hands free and moves around in time with my thrusting quite well on it's own. It lets me focus more on the feelings and less on …well generating them.
    After that, …yesterday and I think the day before, I switched positions a bit. I usually lay on my side )on my right side( and thrust….but I started trying a few other positions and found them quite good. Both laying on my back and thrusting up, and laying on my tummy thrusting down are very good after I have already gotten turned on and thrust on my side a bit.
    Thrusting down, allows my bed to kinda spring me up and down and really lets the aneros move easily and without so much direct control by contractions etc.
    I also found that the lube I had bought with my last aneros…works better then the astroglide lube I already had )I just tried it tonight for the first time and it did allow my aneros to glide around easier(. I have not tried…prelubing yet )putting lube inside( but I do plan on doing that soon.
    Also for the last few days )After the toy day which was early last week(, I have finished off by creating a sort of tunnel with my hand, and just thrusting into it. I may even get a fleshlight or something like that to try to use in the future.
    That is how I end my session, it allows me to continue to thrust for quite awhile before I finally cum, continuing the stimulation from the aneros while also stimulating my cock. It's quite enjoyable and a great ending.
    So for a full stage by stage of my current method.
    I get aroused by watching vidoes, lube up my bum and my aneros and insert it, then start to slowly thrust while laying on my right side and watching the video.
    As I get more turned on my thrusting picks up and then in most vidoes I thrust along with the beat or the thrusting going on in the video )or both in some cases cause they are the same(.
    After awhile I start to feel…looser, and more relaxed I guess, and I switch to laying on my tummy and thrusting down…this allows me to get alot of motion with less effort and have very short thrusts over long periods…which can lead to the quivering/orgasms very nicely )though I still don't seem to be having back to back ones lately(.
    Finally after quite awhile of this )Cause it's quite pleasurable(, I'd say at least an hour and sometimes almost 2(, I turn back on my side and thrust into my hand. This causes me to get hard/er and slowly builds up pleasure in my cock while still feeling it in my bum. Eventually these feelings reach a peak and I cum…forcefully *hehe*.
    While not as amazing as my early sessions where, it's still quite enjoyable..and better then traditional orgasms even using edging.
    I will continue to experiement and post here. There are many ideas and threads to read on here about different ways to use the aneros…and I will eventually try incorporating them, but much like video games, I really like to experiment myself at first…half the fun for me is the journey, though I guess when massive orgasms are involved the end of the race may actually be well worth it too.

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