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    Been re discovering the tempo again the last few sessions and tonight after a week off riding I fancied some fun. The tempo is so easy just a small amount of coconut oil insert and let the pendulum swing .I have found that on all fours facing down knees bent is the way to go and adjusting the angle of your back to get the counter balance weight of the stainless steel rocking, once it started i breathed in and out into my anal canal through deep belly breathing and felt the tempo sliding in and out of my anal canal whilst the bulbous end and smaller balls teasing my anal tract and sphincters the pleasure just grew with each stroke and the pleasure seemed to echo from inside me through to my butt hole which was sucking on the end ball like a lollipop and quivering in rapture , i was shrieking into some cushions as the tempo gathered pace it really is fast the orgasms were firing through me like a chain reaction from inside to out ,these orgasms just keep coming without and perenium tab the tempo is relentless , the last orgasms i had felt like a shockwave slowly blasting through my anus screaming out my hole at the end , I had to stop i was done . The tempo is now my firm favourite my progasm, eupho ,pro jnr are great in their own ways for the prostate but the tempo just feels so great for pure anal pleasure. Can’t wait for the next ride .


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      12/29/2016at2:24 pm

      @step8 great blog! Thanks for sharing your experience with the Tempo; Im going to look into that model. Happy vibes!

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      01/04/2017at4:07 pm

      Thank you, I must obtain a Tempo now.

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