• Two incredible Aneros sessions, Mon., Tues. November 13 & 14, with powerful Aless

    Hi guys,
    I didn’t have any Aneros sessions during our cold snap last Thursday through last Sunday. A polar air mass came barreling through. It felt like the dead of winter, not like the seasonable autumn warmth, Washington DC is known for.
    Early Monday morning just before sunrise, I used Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, and Progasm ICE.
    This session was a long, leisurely session which lasted about 1.25 hours during which I used the Tug-of-War technique of each of these models. I had nice Aless for hours afterwards which empowered me to enjoy a noon luncheon with a lecture following at church.
    Last night I went to bed wearing a Champion Sports jock and cup unit which made me sleep contentedly like a baby. A good athletic cup contains and enhances a guy’s Aless. I woke up early with a throbbing Aless. So I had another slow and leisurely session my customary Aneros Full Court Press of my five most favorite models: Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE, I believe it lasted 1.5 hours this morning during which I engaged with each model with the Tug-of-War technique. The “fuck stroking” action of each model seemed most natural, free and easy, producing immense pleasure. I was richly blessed by powerful, throbbing Aless which lasted for hours today, even presently as I am composing this blog entry at 7 p.m. in the evening.

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      Bill Bately

      02/16/2018at5:18 am

      Sounds wonderful. I’m a bit in the dark about sports jocks, how does that help aless sessions? I know aless, and usual aneros sessions most agree are better without penile contact, so does the sports cup ward off physical contact, by surrounding the member? Would be grateful for clarification. Thanks. But the cup must preclude any erection, though, right? Or is that still possible? Not that perhaps erection is a big part of aless/aneros sessions.

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