• Trying different Aneros during one session

    So during last night's Aneros session, I was feeling experimental. I started with the Progasm, and found that even though I could get slow and gentle involuntary contractions with it. But I had to relax much more than the smaller models to get this going. It was nice feeling, but nothing special. Then switched to the Eupho after a while. I was also able to get slow and gentle involuntaries from this one to. And I could really feel the difference in how much it moves, felt better than the Progasm, but still nothing incredibly special. Then I switched for the MGX which has been my current favorite for a while now. And this model gives me the strongest involuntary contractions and most pleasurable for that matter.
    It doesn't mean that one model is particularly better than another, as I've had extremely pleasurable sensations from the Progasm and Eupho. It's just that the MGX is what is working best for me right now. I never would have guessed this to be the case. The MGX is the second Aneros I ever bought. And prior to these last few months of it working amazingly well for me, it was the seconded least used model next to the Peridise, which were the least used because they just didn't seem to generate any pleasure compared to my Progasm and Helix. I imagine someday the Peridise will work nicely, but until then they mostly sit in their package.

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