• Timeline

    OK, so I admit I had several sessions today which led up to this one. I had about 1/2 this morning and about 2 hours this afternoon. The one in the afternoon was interspersed with napping. I had many orgasms (20ish).
    I was sitting here just now and got curious about how long it would take me to reach an orgasm. I looked at the clock:
    8:55, start looking at some porn
    8:56, mini-o's start
    8:56-9:00, constant mini-o's
    9:00, a very intense dry-o, lasted about a minute
    9:00-9:04, constant mini-o's of varying intensity
    9:04, another dry-o, shorter and less intense than the first
    9:05 I stopped
    Since I stopped, I'm having nice after effects. I wouldn't call them mini-o's. Just a baseline level of excitement with jolts of more intensity, light contractions, erection coming and going. If I turned my mind to it, I'd be back orgasming in a few minutes.

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