• Time to kill

    I had 2 hours to kill before I had to perform some late night work. Didn't want to take a nap and feel groggy while working, so decided on an Aneros session. The last few sessions were with the Helix, so I figured I would go with the Vice this time. After the usual breathing and warmup exercises, I kept the vibrator off and played around with various levels of contractions. Some nice feelings and some small orgasms, but nothing really special. After about 45 min, I turned on the vibrator to Low-Steady. Slowly increased the strength of my contraction until I felt something pleasurable and let it sit there. While it felt nice, I have found that the 'Low' vibration level almost never produces anything other than very light tingling. But it's a good way to ramp up to the stronger vibrations, so I think I'll keep it in my routine.
    After around 15 minutes, I relaxed my anus and set the vibration to Medium-Steady. Stronger vibration=stronger pleasurable feeling and I felt several mild orgasms for the 20 or so minutes I kept it at Medium. I set the vibration to High-Wave )setting 8 of 9(. Played around with different strength contractions, but this didn't really do anything for me. Next tried High-Pulse )9 of 9(. This felt better and I felt some nice tingling coinciding with the pulses, but I didn't feel this would ultimately produce the results I was hoping for.
    Finally set it to High-Steady, which has always produced the best results for me. It did not disappoint. I contacted my anus slightly and slowly increased it slightly until I felt it 'hit' something. The analogy that comes to mind is I was searching for an itch to scratch. I held the contraction at that same level )as best I could( and was rewarded with a light-medium orgasm. I did this a few more time and got similar results. After one of those orgasms, it felt like the Aneros was trying to burrow a little deeper in. I was curious, so I let it have it's way. After about 30 seconds, I was rewarded with a medium strength orgasm. Again, the Aneros felt like it was trying to push in deeper. This pattern get on for about 10 minutes, producing steady medium to strong orgasms. I finally had to relax and catch my breath a bit )and also rest my butt(. I would have attempted to find that 'spot' again, but it was getting close to the time I had to work, so I ended the session without finishing.

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