• This is absurd

    Well, I gave it a rest for a couple of days, and tried the peridise again. After about half an hour of just letting it happen and settling in, I was howling at the moon. )Quietly, my wife was asleep in her room( I was having a super-O every pwave, my consciousness expanding to fill the room, locked with a hard belly for about 20 seconds, and either getting harder into it if I did anal contractions, )like the last involuntary push into her at the end of your ejaculation( or relaxing into convulsive spasms and bounces for about 10 seconds or so.
    I was feeling experimental … I know ears are erotic for some people. I flicked my right earlobe a couple of times and it set off a pwave. WOW! About 15 years ago, I was off on a new job and separated from the family; so I did a lot of experimentation with my sensuality. I could ejaculate by jacking off the forefinger of my left had. I guess there was enough conditioned reflex from the right hand stroking it. So, for the hell of it; I tried giving that finger a blow job, and just licking the tip was enough to set me off.
    At this point, I needed to get up for a class on Alexander Hamilton at the Learning is Forever for us geezers at the local JC. I wasn't together enough at this point to take out the peridise and clean up; so I fell asleep eshausted. Slept fitfully, disturbed by superO's. At five I was finally together enough to get up to pee and get that little devil out. One of the handle had slipped into me; I must have been gaping. Got back to sleep till my alarm, but any little anal twitch would set me off. Is this too much of a good thing?

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