• Third Session

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    Hello Everybody…
    Let's talk about third journey with my aneros.
    First of all yesterday evening I decide to listen again the CD, and to follow the sensual Alana's voice.
    I did all of my session on my back and decide to start focusing on the breath, slow deep inhale )nose( – wait for a second – slowly exhale )mouth(. I found this very, very, very relaxing and after 10/15 minutes my legs start to have shaking motion, but this time I can't and I don't want to control it and go on focusing on the breath exercise: from this moment to the end of the session my legs starts shaking then stop for a while and start again a lot of time. I close my eyes.
    More I breath and more my legs shake and also started my whole low waist to vibrate. I can feel this tingle sensation also inside my belly and I can feel my liquid starts to flow gently from inside out to my penis. But, as Alana says: "don't touch for now".
    I continue to Breath and lost all sense of time: I never look to my player for understanding how long I was riding.
    And now something strange and very beautiful new sensation was added to my body: I know i was lay on my back but it seems that my body starts to swing slowly just like a leaf slowly falling from a tree but never touch the ground. I was just like a baby cradled. It was amazing. And more I intensify my breath, more I found my body swinging free. I open just a little my eyes: I was firmly on my bed, but when I close my eyes everything seems to move around me.
    I understand that was passed more than 1 hour because the first cd finished. And I found myself feeling a little bit unconfortable for the pressing of the p-tab. I still thinking that the aneros sgx, even if this is start to work on me, is short for my body: what do you think about this thing? I will try to softening the p-tab in some way to avoid the disconfort.
    So i decide to relax a little bit and to finish my session.
    Probably this evening I will take a stop.
    That's all. I wait your reply and comments.

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