• Things just got weird….

    I’m now away on assignment for almost a month staying in a remote log cabin by a lake, a beautiful and relaxing place to be based. It’s just a pity I have to go work each day.

    Prior to this trip for the first time ever for ten days I practised seamen retention. I jerked off and edged most of these days and had fun sounding but managed to control the urge to cum.
    I’m also training my urethra to accept my small finger being inserted into it, it takes time, patience and upmost care when attempting such things. I know to a lot of guys out there cringe at the thought of sticking something down your cock, all I can say is don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, the sensation you get from directly massaging your prostate by sounding is really a joy to behold.

    The first two nights after my arrival at the cabin were back-to-back sessions with various different models of the Syn Trident range plus the Progasm Ice, both sessions were sensational and resulted in each session lasting approximately two blissful hours, pretty much like previous sessions I’ve shared with you before on my blog.

    The third night was something special and I have to share with you with what happened…..

    I woke up early in the morning and was horny as hell, my morning wood was wide-awake long before me! So before heading off to work I had a cheeky session with my sounding rods. For the rest of the day all I couldn’t think of was getting back to the cabin for some more play time, I’d decided to give my prostate a night-off, after all I didn’t want to burn out my prostate in the first few days off being away!

    My session started off with some Van Burren sounds followed by some large rosebuds, I also continued the task of persuading my cock to accept my finger, I’m progressing well and everyday I get closer to my goal, I should be there by the end of the week.
    After an hour or so of watching porn and sounding, all of a sudden I felt the call of my Aneros’s, I think they were feeling neglected in the bedside cabinet and wanted to come out to play.
    I should really mention at this point that on the previous day I’d made up some new lube, basically it was the left over bit of a water-based lube, you know the really annoying bit at the bottom of the bottle that the pump-tube bit can’t reach? I melted some coconut oil and added that to the remanence of the lube, for no particular reason I also added a small amount of olive oil to the mix. It has an amazing slickness to it and smells divine.

    I lubed up my ass with a couple of medicine dispensers full of my new super-slick homemade lube and thought I’d try my Eupho Syn Trident, I’ve not used it much of late. In it went, almost instantly I was experiencing mild quivers in my legs and groin, this built and built to full blown wave after wave of spasms, I could feel the Eupho hitting my prostate, at first it felt like a gentle buzzing but this quickly developed into like an electrical buzz, exactly the same as when I use Electrostim devices. This sensation just got stronger until my whole groin was fizzing, by now I’m diddling my hard nipples and strangely one of them went completely numb (never had that before). Stimulating my nipples is having a direct and powerful effect on my prostate, the device is dancing around and moving about continually bumping against it, this in turn is creating a constant loop of pleasurable sensations, the more I gently scratch my nipples with my finger nail the greater the feeling in my prostate.
    Apart from tickling/diddling my nipples I’m doing nothing else to stimulate any of these wondrous sensations, no contracting of my spinster or PC muscles, I’m just laying there on my back with a rolled up towel under my butt, knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. As this buzzing grows more powerful it spreads to my chest and down as far as my knees.

    Then things got really interesting…..

    I’m in a dark room in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, there no sound apart from the wind and the rain on the windows, my eyes are closed and I start to visualise images, almost like an hallucinations, first mixes and blends of colours just like kaleidoscope like swirls (this has happened to me before) then the most vivid image of a tight-bodied tanned and oiled girl, I can see her ripped body and tight abs so clearly, her pussy is clean shaven, then without warning a great big black hairy bush grows on it, the next image is off this stunning girl riding my cock cowgirl. Then comes the really weird stuff, a deep tunnel develops like the inside of a tornado or the entrance to a matrix/blackhole, then the devil makes an appearance as does Chucky the doll, then a nun, followed by an angel, fuck me this is weird! And at the same time so brilliantly vivid, so real I could reach out and touch them.
    I should also say that I’m absolutely in a different zone to anywhere I’ve ever been before on my journey with Aneros, Its so fucking incredible, almost like tripping but without drugs, this feels really really good, I mean like seriously good!

    I end up having the mother of all Super-O’s by far the most intense and powerful to date.

    I keep asking myself where will these crazy little devices take me, surely it can’t get any better, but it does…….. tbc


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      11/16/2020at12:00 pm

      Hey Nicesoundingguy

      Your orgasmic accomplishments for a man are amazing. Only honest men honest with themselves would admit that orgasms and hot dick play rank high on every mans list of things he loves. We want our wives to love our dicks as much as we men do. But alas, very few wives love their husbands dicks as much as he does. To those men who have such a wife, he has found a joy that keeps living and giving daily. i am not in that category.

      You have conquered dick play on several levels that we men think about but few of us get into. Besides your rewiring with the aneros and ALESS, you have mastered ESTIM and Sounding. I enjoy reading your private world escapades bro. I would love to you write the how to’s of how you mastered each of these orgasmic delights. I know your posts are here on Aneros, but how you came to be such a master of orgasmic pleasure on many fronts is intriguing to me and I am sure to other men.

      I am eager to tell us more about the little finger in the urethral opening and what that does for you in orgasmic and pleasurable terms. Personally, you are the first guy I see that is in to that type of pleasure.

      Keep educating us as to the total man approach to pleasure and orgasmic delight. Thanks for sharing your life and journey as a man who loves pleasure……….dont we ALL?????????

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