• The sweetness and power of an Aneros autofuck, Saturday session November 12, and wow! That Aless!!

    Hi guys,
    I have never experienced anal intercourse. It is in many ways the quintessential sexual activity among gay men. But I am sure that the bisexual and even many straight men enjoy it too. I’ve heard that if done properly and with right intention it produces a “connection” out of this world for men!
    However, in the real world of HIV/AIDS and other STD’s, fucking among men without protection is very risky.
    I just wonder if an Aneros autofuck rivals or is different from anal intercourse among men. According to the Aneros Wiki, an Aneros autofuck ranks real high on the scale of Aneros milestones. An Aneros autofuck is that when Aneros devices do the work. They fuck you so naturally and easily with any hardly effort on your part. They ride you much more so than you ride them. I felt this morning how beautifully and sweetly and powerfully, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic plowed my ass!
    The session must have lasted at most an hour from 5:30-6:30 a.m. approximately.
    However like many Americans, I was thrown into despair and black depression when the Trump/Pence ticket won the majority of votes in the Electoral College and Hillary Clinton won the major of popular vote this past Wednesday. The change of mood, at least here in DC, seems to be that of day and night. That is why I had no sessions since Monday morning this week.
    I woke up early this morning around 1 a.m., but hopped on the Net at 2 a.m. for a while. A chairgasm of incredible sweetness came upon me then. I was tempted to masturbate then, but returned back to bed. Finally I got up in the five o’clock hour, shaved, bathed, dressed, and got a breakfast sweet and coffee from the neighborhood 7 Eleven.
    I was super horny for a session. MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic each took over in their own unique ways of delivering for me an autofuck of exquisite sweetness and power! All I had to do or could do is sit back and let each model work me over with various fuck strokes. What happened was amazing was that I was thrown into Aneros trance during which I lost all passage of time.
    As I type this blog entry, my Aless is still going strong. It feels like I have one of those models inserted working away. I feel like I am still being fucked, with surges of pleasure occurring at various intervals and chairgasms galore!
    So good to get back to my Aneros sessions again. They mitigate the imposition of a Republican regime upon us all again in the worst sort of ways, I still suppose! 🙁
    Take care!


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      11/12/2016at9:56 pm

      Hey @BigGlansDC, thanks you for clarifying and bringing into prominence a suppressed feeling of mine. Up to your today’s post I did’t realize how far Helix Syn, Eupho Sin, Tempo and Aless already have become part of my everyday life. Only now I understand how you could mix together sex and politics. I admit I am still a little confused by the wild disorder my awakened gland brought along. Last time getting a sudden boner when having lunch (as it happened today) must have been in my teenage years. Re-wiring seems to bring back that ubiquituous sexual craving of those days. No, no, nothing to complain about, nevertheless back to pure sex:
      Having had some anal intercourse since then I dare say you can’t compare the incomparable. Depending on how big his glans [Pun!]) and of course his whole member is to me anal intercourse is mainly characterized by the feeling of the penetration and of being filled with the whole length and thickness of his tool. To an even greater degree it should be like a sexual wrestling for dominance. Perhaps looking for naked kombat on p*rnhub gives you a hint. Getting laid is undescribable different from solo sex or making love with a woman. Your kombat partner with his aura of the same powerful manly sexuality and physical strength as yours, your hearts beating as one when united in an ecstatic struggle is fulfilling some deep animal desires. Though this missing counterpart makes the difference the gland is not shy to step in for but is coping with your desires by transcending with you into another reality.
      I fully share your Aless feelings of those phantom tools. It feels so great! Furthermore today I achieved to stimulate my nipples at the thought of touching them, giving me wonderful Aless, too.
      Your username leaves me full of curiosity, 😉 Good vibes all the way!

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      11/12/2016at11:49 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, I make it point never to mix sex and politics. It is just the national election just concluded was on everyone’s mind. As regards my Glans penis, it is sizable especially when I am sexually aroused. So was my dad’s. I inherited that feature from my dad too!

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      11/13/2016at1:24 am

      @BigGlansDC, welcome back my friend! I understand and share your feelings about the election results. Thank the stars we have Aneros to occupy our minds and lessen our worries.

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      11/13/2016at1:22 pm

      @BigGlansDC, you are a lucky guy! What a pity no sphincter ever felt that big one snapping in, what must be such a pleasure depending on its size. 😉

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