• The Return

    Has it really been that long since I wrote an entry? I guess this is long overdue. I've got to admit I've not been as active here over the last year as much as I would have liked, nor had as many sessions.
    In the last year I picked up a Eupho Syn, this seems to be the model I get the most from and so I tend to use it exclusively. I just love the way it's so mobile, yet silky smooth and soft.
    Mid-week sessions are very much a rarity for me, I have a very busy lifestyle so finding the time during the week isn't possible much. However after a particularly stressful week I decided I needed it. I showered, prepped and settled myself on the couch, naked. I put on a porn scene I found extremely arousing, and surfed for a bit. Reading posts on here and chatting a bit. My arousal slowly building.
    I took my time lubing up, slowly inserting a Shea butter ball, then slowly massaging my ass with my lubricated fingers. Taking great care to slowly circle my excited hole and let the shivers of pleasure course through me, occasionally sliding in my fingertip.
    I then lay on my side, warming the eupho syn between my thighs, letting the Shea melt inside me. When I couldn't tease myself much longer I applied Vaseline to the aneros. Reaching down I let the toy tickle my ass, I wanted it so badly. Slowly I inserted, savouring how good every millimetre felt. Halfway in I let the toy takeover, it slid in slowly and I felt the p-tab on my sweet spot.
    Having read recent posts on relaxation I decided this would be my primary focus for the session. I rolled over onto my back and pulled my knees up. I lay there relaxing, getting more and more aroused. Taking care to not tense up.
    I didn't have to wait long, a couple of minutes I felt the first pulse and some light tickling on my prostate. A few more and I felt that familiar buildup of blood in my cock. It slowly swelled, encouraged by the light taps on my prostate. Gingerly it rose, twitching and dancing as it did so causing the syn to press a little harder. This in turn got my prostate engorging and very soon that whole area felt like it was about to burst, my cock was as hard as it's ever been. The pleasure of such fullness was exquisite.
    I kept the advice about making sure the ass is relaxed prominent in my mind. The feelings built as I imagined the toy was my wife's fingers slowly stroking the length of my prostate, sliding in and out, the toy took over and began to autofuck me. A further buildup of tingling in my thighs and crotch, then the p-waves hit hard. Warm waves of adrenaline washed over me. I lay there basking.
    As my erection subsided I began to read a couple of really erotic blog posts. I moved back onto my side, pulling the knee of my top leg up and the toy began to caress much more vigorously, speeding up, coaxing more and more pleasure. Completely mindlessly I began to thrust, lost in the pleasure and my mind swirling with what I had just read.
    I laid down on my back again, as the fullness of my cock was too much. As I did I felt the precum ooze up and began pooling on my slit. Every stroke of the toy I could feel more being pushed up. I dipped my finger in and pulled it up letting it string. Unfortunately as this point I got a bit preoccupied and began slowly milking my cock to see how much precum I could produce. I should just leave well alone, however this, the reading and the interactions I'd been having just took over. Sharing the time I had a HFWO just from giving my ex head, ejaculating all over the bed was a particular highlight. I began to jerk myself off, desperate for release.
    However I abruptly stopped, and figured I'd go to bed still riding. I got into bed and almost immediately felt pulsing and another erection building. It was at this point I must have fallen asleep. I woke this morning feeling really good, with yet another erection and the toy still dancing away.
    I'm inspired for tonight

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