• The Mystery Man Strikes Again

    So I have no idea how long this is going to last but mystery man has delivered once again. All I can say is I'll ride for as long as he does…)same guy from previous post called engergy transfer…(apparently he likes being star of the show.
    At first I started not to tell him about my previous post…thinking hey if he finds it he finds it. If not secret is safe with me )he knew I was riding during our chat but had no idea the effect he was having on me(. Being the glutten for punishment that I am I mentioned it to him casually. He read it…told me he really liked it.
    Later on I guess the stars must have aligned because he stumbled into chat. I didnt reallly notice at first…ok who am I kidding I noticed. However I really didnt plan on riding that day…so I just continued business as usual. Then I hear the sound of a whistle…Private Chat Request appears at the bottom of the screen…oh my I feel a change of mind coming.
    We exchange pleasantries…and talk about a few other things. I happened to know at the moment where he was…not exactly where he was like GPS coordinates, but I knew enough to be able to picture him in his setting. Thats important for me, my mind's eye is the clearest of all.
    As usual he is too smoothe for his own good, one minute its the weather the next he's lubing himself. Somehow he fries my brain everytime he does that. Nothing else at the moment mattered. I quickly went and got my evi and prefered size in the peridise set. I was already wet thinking of him and his lubing process…so there was no problem guiding evi in. Once I was comfortable back in bed I went back to chatting. He asked a few questions, I answered, the next line I read had me awe struck…
    We now have insertion.
    The visualization those four words created fragmented my mind in a thousand pieces. The image so vivid flashed in my head of a super sexy guy with his Aneros deep in his ass…left me all but gushing. So much so I didnt even need lube for my peridise, it just slipped right in once coated in my own slippery juices.
    So as per usual we exchange particulars on each others ride. What we feel, what we're doing, spurring eachother on…that type of stuff. He seemed to be having a good time on his end…I was definately enjoying myself on my end. After about a half hour to 45 minutes of riding he lets me know he's close to his…finale for lack of a better term )not a traditional O, it has to do with his unique abilities(. In my mind I can see him, taste him even. My pulse starts racing faster with each descriptor that he provides me. Between evi stroking my gspot and peridise pounding my ass I'm totally lost in bliniding pleasure. I dont want it to end so I surrender to it. When my body is done having her way with me I'm sweating, trembling, and totally at a loss for any coherent thoughts.
    We chatted a little while longer )even though my hands were shaking horribly( then we bid each other farewell. I fell asleep quickly after that…but late into the night he crept into my dreams. I've never fallen asleep with any of my Aneros items in. My dream kept replaying images of what had occured earlier that night…but he was with me, right next to me. When I woke I was orgasming like crazy. once I was able to safely come down from my high, my legs were shaking and my abs were on fire.
    I had to get some sleep after all of this so the peridise and evi got promptly removed…no more interuptions from double trouble.

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      04/11/2014at5:59 am

      Once again, "mirror neurons" I think.
      We seem to have a gift )and an addiction( with it here.
      Isn't this place amazing?

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